Soitec and Sumitomo Electric Announce Collaboration on Development of Engineered GaN Substrates

November 30, 2010

BERNIN, France and TOKYO, November 30, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ –
Soitec, the world’s leading supplier of engineered substrates and Sumitomo
Electric Industries, Ltd., a leading worldwide provider of compound
semiconductor materials, announced today they are working together to develop
engineered gallium nitride (GaN) substrates. The alliance will draw on
Sumitomo Electric’s sophisticated GaN wafer manufacturing technology and
Soitec’s unique Smart Cut(TM) layer transfer technology by which ultra-thin
GaN layers are transferred from a single GaN wafer to produce multiple,
engineered GaN substrates. The engineered substrates retain the original,
high crystalline quality of Sumitomo Electric’s GaN wafer at a lower cost.
This technology will therefore facilitate widespread use of GaN substrates in
applications like high brightness LEDs as well as electric power devices
designed for hybrid and full electric vehicles.

“Our collaboration with Soitec will open the door to high quality, lower
cost GaN substrates,” said Masamichi Yokogawa, Sumitomo Electric’s Executive
Officer and General Manager of Compound Semiconductor Material Division. “We
have demonstrated that the transfer of a thin layer of our high quality GaN
crystal to a carrier wafer is the right approach to make our GaN material
accessible for various applications such as power devices and white LEDs. We
are expecting the collaboration with Soitec will enable wider use of our
high-quality GaN wafer. We believe device manufacturers focused on low unit
area costs will find value in the greater functionality of these engineered

“We are delighted to work with Sumitomo Electric and excited about what
we have been able to achieve together so far. We are partnering with the
leader in GaN wafer manufacturing to offer engineered substrates that have
the best crystal quality available today. This collaboration represents the
first step of an important move in our strategy to address the need for
dramatically improved efficiency in power conversion and lighting with
innovative materials engineering solutions,” said Andre-Jacques
Auberton-Herve, CEO of Soitec.

About the Soitec Group

The Soitec Group is the world’s leading innovator and provider of the
engineered substrate solutions that serve as the foundation for today’s most
advanced microelectronic products. The group leverages its proprietary Smart
Cut(TM) technology to engineer new substrate solutions, such as
silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers, which became the first high-volume
application for this proprietary technology. Since then, SOI has emerged as
the material platform of the future, enabling the production of higher
performing, faster chips that consume less power. Today, Soitec produces more
than 80 percent of the world’s SOI wafers. Headquartered in Bernin, France,
with two high-volume fabs on-site, Soitec has offices throughout the United
, Japan and Taiwan, and a new production site in Singapore.

Three other divisions, Picogiga International, Tracit Technologies and
Concentrix Solar, complete the Soitec Group. Picogiga delivers advanced
substrates solutions, including III-V epiwafers, to the compound material
world for the manufacture of high-frequency electronics and other
optoelectronic devices. Tracit, on the other hand, provides thin-film layer
transfer technologies used to manufacture advanced substrates for power ICs
and Microsystems, as well as generic circuit transfer technology, Smart
Stacking for applications such as image sensors and 3D-integration. In
December 2009, Soitec acquired 80% of Concentrix Solar, the leading provider
of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems for the industrial
production of energy. With this acquisition, Soitec is entering the
fast-growing solar industry; capturing value through the system level. Shares
of the Soitec Group are listed on Euronext Paris. For more information, visit

Soitec, Smart Cut, Smart Stacking and UNIBOND are trademarks of S.O.I.TEC
Silicon On Insulator Technologies.

About Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (TSE: 5802) designs, manufactures and
sells optical fibers/cables/components, advanced electronic devices, and
automotive parts. Through successful strategies of research and
diversification, Sumitomo Electric has become one of the world’s leading
companies at the forefront of the revolution in the electronics field.
Sumitomo Electric’s world-class research and manufacturing capabilities in
compound semiconductors continue to expand and strengthen the product
portfolio while maintaining industry leading levels of reliability. The
company has global operations in more than 30 countries and employs 170,000
people. Sumitomo Electric reported group net sales of $20 billion for the
year ended March 2010. http://global-sei.com

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