L.J. Star Introduces UL-Approved Ex-Light High-Intensity Luminaire for Vessel Lighting

December 1, 2010

TWINSBURG, Ohio, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — L.J. Star is introducing its new Lumiglas® Lumiflex Fiber Optic Ex-Light, Model USL08 LF-Ex, for use with light/sight port combinations, or separate sight glasses and light ports. The Model USL08 LF-Ex conforms to UL1598 and 844 Standards for service in wet and hazardous locations designated as Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups C & D. Moreover, its 1,950 lux output is 30% brighter than competitive units while consuming 22% less power, and provides up to six times the operating life (up to 6000 hours). This is accomplished through the use of a specially designed halogen lamp and parabolic reflector that focuses light more efficiently through a fiber optic light guide.

The Lumiflex USL08 Ex-Light luminaire is typically used to illuminate the internals of vessels and pipes for the monitoring of industrial and pharmaceutical processes through sight glasses. As a fiber optic light it provides exceptional visual clarity of processes while requiring less space on monitored vessels and piping. Its output is a cool light, owing to an infrared filter located between the bulb and the fiber optic bundle. This is important for heat sensitive processes and for operator safety. The fiber optic cable has a diameter of only 17mm (0.7″), so operators can view and light processes through the same sight glass, which eliminates the space and cost required for a second sight port.

Because the housing of the USL08 LF- Ex-Light can be mounted up to thirty feet away from vibrating equipment, this can substantially increase bulb life. A long-life bulb means fewer bulb changes are required, thereby reducing maintenance costs. In hazardous locations, costs may be reduced further because bulb replacement in those areas requires permits and turning off electrical power, a high cost procedure. A long-life bulb also reduces the incidence of lost lighting during critical processes.

Additional Features and Specifications. The Lumiflex USL08 LF- Ex-Light luminaire is approved for use in ambient temperatures up to 60°C, and is certified to CSA C22.2 No. 250 and CSA C22.2 No. 137. The light assembly requires 120 VAC input and has an integral transformer to operate the 10 V/39 W halogen lamp. Connections are made through an integral terminal box with a choice of three 1/2″ NPT fittings, in accordance with NEC standards. The luminaire body is made of a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy casting (GKAlSi12Mg). The fiber bundle is easily attached with the stainless steel adapter with O-ring. The housing is simply mounted using a specially designed two-piece mounting bracket. The fiber optic bundle can be attached to the sight glass with a bending radius of as little as four inches. The fiber bundle sheathing is made of a flexible stainless steel hose or can be provided with a chemical resistant PVC casing.

For More Information. To obtain a technical data sheet on the Lumiglas® Lumiflex Fiber Optic Ex-Light, Model USL08 LF-Ex, call L.J. Star at 330-405-3040, or visit our website at www.ljstar.com/pubs/31.htm.

About L.J. Star. L.J. Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment – sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, and level gage instrumentation. Product lines include Metaglas® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Visual Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gages and Gage Glass. Metaglas is the #1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. Unlike some other sight glasses, it meets stringent DIN 7079 and DIN 7080 quality standards, and it is approved for USP Type I use. For additional information, or to request third-party documentation of standards compliance and product performance claims, contact L.J. Star Incorporated, P.O. Box 1116, Twinsburg, OH 44087. Phone: 330-405-3040. Fax: 330-405-3070. Email: view@ljstar.com. Website: www.ljstar.com

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