Bracketless Wiper Blades Help Improve Driving Visibility in Winter

December 2, 2010

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — MS — Wiper blade performance has experienced a dramatic leap forward with advanced technology ‘bracketless’ wiper blades such as the Bosch ICON(TM) — especially in winter. These blades significantly improve driving visibility in any weather all year round, including mist, drizzle, rain, blowing dust, or snow.

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“ICON bracketless blades use dual internal precision-tensioned steel springs enclosed under an aerodynamic wind spoiler, instead of conventional external steel/plastic brackets, which can build up snow and hamper wiping performance. Distributing uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade, these internal tensioned springs help the blades conform more precisely to the curvature of the windshield, creating a cleaner, quieter wipe,” according to Tom Vasis, Group Product Manager for Bosch.

In winter, ice on the windshield is the main culprit in wiper deterioration, and wipers should be changed when they no longer perform as expected. If the windshield is iced up, trying to clear the windshield by activating the wipers — without first taking off the ice — will quickly damage the wiper blade rubber and make it less effective. The best bet is to check wipers regularly for cracking, tearing or to see if they have taken a “set” — in other words, the rubber becomes bent to one side.

Any of these conditions can cause less than optimal wiping characteristics, and the blade should be replaced for better driving visibility.

Aerodynamic Wind Spoiler Adds Downforce

“Dual rubber technology in ICON blades, with a harder rubber wiping edge that resists wear and a softer rubber flex for better flip over, removes the smallest moisture droplets and provides 20 percent longer performance life. And the integrated wind spoiler applies additional downforce, allowing the blade to hug the windshield in all weather conditions and at highway speeds,” Vasis said.

The continued increase in bracketless, or beam blade market share has led to several new OE style wiper arm connector types for these blades. To promote foolproof installation of bracketless blades, such as the ICON, on these new wiper arm connector types, Bosch has developed the ‘ICON OE Solutions’ interface, which utilizes a unique mounting system for OE top lock and side lock applications. This interface makes ICON wiper blades especially easy to install on these new connector types.

“Bosch ICON is the best choice for motorists looking for a long lasting premium product that can improve their driving experience,” Vasis said. “ICON blades are the only blades on the market that feature a “driver side” and “passenger side” — left and right — that conform to the windshield curvature of modern vehicles, just like a right and left-hand glove. This gives these blades the ability to keep the windshield crystal clear.”

For more information on ICON bracketless wiper blades, visit www.boschautoparts.com.


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