December 3, 2010 Analyses of China Mobile Phone Market Supply and Demand

Beijing, Dec 2, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - With global electronics industry in recovery, mobile communications have currently become an important part in people's daily life; it also brings infinite business opportunities for mobile manufacturers and mobile operators. did a survey that shows that until September, 2010, total national telephone users reached 1.13 billion, among them mobile users were 830 million, and PHS users dropped to 32.8 million.

China's domestic mobile phone market sales was 240 million sets in 2009, an increase of 8.2% compared with 2008. Among them, Chinese enterprises in the local market sales were 120 million, which accounted for total market share 50%. ZTE with 36.5 million sets of mobile phone shipments became in 2009 the largest mobile phone enterprise in China, Huawei with 30 million shipments ranked second. At the same time, K-Touch and Lenovo became the largest domestic market share companies.

In first half of 2010, China's overall mobile phone market sales increased slowly. But smart phone maintained a rapid growth, increased more than 30%. The 3G mobile phone market did not break out, but growing demand still led to rising trends.

Since 2010, new 3G users reached 17.8, which accounted for new mobile usersless than 30%. It is worth noting that whether mobile network or fixed network, operator's data business is in a rapidly rising trend. For mobile phone manufacturers, the product focus has shifted from traditional cell phones to new products, as cellphone users focus is different than before. With smart phone and 3G mobile phone fast developing, the China mobile phone markets' new structure is forming.

In first half of 2010, the 3G mobile phone sales reached 15.37 million sets. Three 3G operators in order to seize 3G opportunities, with intensified network construction and optimized dynamics, strengthened deep cooperation with terminal manufacturers, to enhance the terminal performance, enrich terminal types and develop the channels construction, and began to build their own mobile internet service platform.

In 2010, smart phone market competition is fierce. Apple moved beyond RIM, manufacturers of the blackberry smart phone, becoming the world's fourth-largest cell phone provider. This makes Apple first in the world's top five. As industry giant, Nokia's market share withstood its previous decline situation. analyzes that as the market scale expands, the operating system war will continue to heat up.

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