CO2 Solution Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Roger Sheldon Honored for Lifetime Achievements in Green Chemistry and Biocatalysis

December 15, 2010

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QUEBEC CITY and DELFT, Netherlands, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ – CO(2) Solution Inc. is pleased to congratulate Dr. Roger Sheldon on his
recent receipt of two prestigious awards in the fields of Green
Chemistry and Biocatalysis.  Dr. Sheldon is a member of CO(2) Solution’s Scientific Advisory Board and founder and Chief Executive
Officer of CLEA Technologies B.V., a strategic collaborator of CO(2) Solution for carbon capture enzyme immobilization.

Dr. Sheldon was awarded the 2010 Green Chemistry Award from the Royal
Society of Chemistry (RSC). The Green Chemistry Award is presented each
year by the RSC, Europe’s largest organization for the advancement of
chemical sciences, for the design, development or implementation of
novel chemical products or processes which have the potential to reduce
or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.  Dr.
Sheldon received the 2010 award in recognition of the role that he has
played as one of the founding fathers of green chemistry and in
particular for his work on the development of clean, catalytic
technologies for waste minimization and elimination of toxic/hazardous
materials in chemicals manufacture.

He was also recently bestowed the honor of receiving the International
Congress on Biocatalysis (Biocat) Award for Lifetime Achievement. 
Since 2002, Biocat has been a leading conference series bringing
together international research leaders for knowledge sharing in the
rapidly growing fields of biocatalysis and industrial biotechnology. 
The Biocat Award for Lifetime Achievement honours individuals who have
made outstanding contributions over their careers to the field of
biocatalysis, and advancing biocatalytic research to enable greener and
more efficient industrial processes.  Dr. Sheldon received the 2010
award for his lifelong commitment to advancing biocatalysis and his
exemplary achievements in both academia and private.

Glenn Kelly, President and CEO of CO(2) Solution stated, “We congratulate Dr. Sheldon on these significant
accomplishments.  As he is known as the ‘father of green chemistry’
amongst his peers, these awards honour his lifelong dedication to this
important area of scientific and technical endeavour.  We are very
pleased that we can access this knowledge and dedication to the benefit
of our green industrial process that harnesses nature’s power for the
capture of carbon”.

About Dr. Roger Sheldon
In addition to being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CLEA
Technologies B.V., a leading developer of proprietary enzyme
utilization and immobilization technologies, Dr. Sheldon is Professor
Emeritus and  previous Chair of Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry at
Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, a position he held
from 1991 until 2008. Prior to this, Dr. Sheldon was Vice-President of
Research & Development for DSM N.V., a leading multi-national life
sciences and chemical company from 1980 until 1991.  Dr. Sheldon is a
respected authority on the use of biocatalysts for industrial processes
and was the first Chairman of the Editorial Board that established the
successful journal, Green Chemistry. He has published more than 400
technical papers, 50 patents and six books on the subject of catalysis.
Dr. Sheldon is particularly known for his work in designing multi-step
catalytic processes which imitate the metabolic pathways in living

About the Agreement with CLEA Technologies
In June 2010, CO(2) Solution entered into a Custom Immobilization Agreement with CLEA
Technologies B.V. (“CLEATECH”) (www.cleatechnologies.com) for the application of CLEATECH’s proprietary Cross Linked Enzyme
Aggregates (“CLEA”) technology for the carbonic anhydrase enzymes used
by CO(2) Solution for carbon capture applications.  CLEATECH is a leader in
enzyme immobilization and the development of green (biocatalytic)
processes for the chemical and allied industries. CLEATECH’s
proprietary technology for the immobilization of enzymes as CLEAs has
broad scope and affords robust biocatalysts with improved stability and
recyclability coupled with high productivities. This enables
economically viable applications of enzymes in a variety of settings.
As part of the Agreement, CO(2) Solution obtained exclusive global rights to CLEATECH’s CLEA technology
for the enzyme carbonic anhydrase. 

About CO(2) Solution
Based in Quebec City, CO(2) Solution is an innovator in the field of enzyme enabled carbon capture
and has been actively working to develop and commercialize the
technology for power plants and other large stationary sources of
carbon pollution.  In the process, CO(2) Solution has built an extensive patent portfolio covering the use of
carbonic anhydrase for the efficient post-combustion capture of carbon
dioxide with low-energy aqueous solvents.  Further information can be
found at www.co2solution.com.

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