Florida Sets $10,000 Red-Light Camera Traps for Snowbirds, According to Cheetah USA

December 16, 2010

PHOENIX, Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Snowbirds are set to become an endangered species in Florida. This year’s winter visitors could return home with much more than a tan, and much less in the bank! The explosion of red-light cameras across the Sunshine state will see many temporary residents return home to find nasty surprises waiting in their mailbox; massive red-light camera fines, between $5,000 to $10,000 (with some as high as $30,000), plus bills for court fees, costs, and even a criminal traffic citation that could affect their license and increase car insurance for three years!

The warning comes from Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd, a family run electronics company in Scotland, which makes the leading US GPS camera locator, the $99 Cheetah C50 (available from Cheetah USA at www.GPSdetector.com). The C50 is not a radar detector, so it is completely legal in all states and police approve of its safety benefits like raising awareness of accident zones and camera locations with US English or Spanish voice alerts. Cheetah is regarded by industry experts as providing the most accurate database of camera locations in North America, both in the Cheetah C50 and licensed to other major US companies.

Al Smith, co-owner of Cheetah explains, “Over the last 5 years, we’ve had a ‘God’s eye view’ of how photo enforcement has spread over the USA and Canada, but the ambush that I see set up now in Florida is like state sponsored digital mugging. It’s immoral, it’s outrageous and it’s too late to stop. Snowbirds be warned, you’d better understand how to avoid this photo-enforcement tsunami. I’m sure most city halls did not expect to be stealing the savings of their senior residents, but that is what will happen. If snowbirds are fleeced this year, will they ever return?”

For step by step details on how the Florida snowbird trap works, including graphics and video, please visit www.GPSdetector.com

Cheetah has produced an impartial guide to all the technologies that can help you avoid red-light tickets, including the Cheetah C50. It’s available as a free download from www.GPSdetector.com, along with helpful videos explaining how cameras work and what they look like.


Al Smith, Cheetah USA (623) 748-4562 al@GPSdetector.com


Source: newswire

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