SBS Worldwide Meets the Publishing Industry’s Freight Forwarding Requirements While Maintaining Full Compliance with TSA Security Regulations

January 7, 2011

SAVANNAH, Georgia, Jan. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is investigating allegations that, Activair, an air cargo company failed to screen cargo for explosives carried on international passenger flights over the last eight months. Activair is a division of OHL International, a third party logistics company located in Tennessee. Based upon preliminary findings, the TSA ordered Activair’s Indianapolis facility to stop handling air cargo at this time. The TSA also sent agents to Activair’s Chicago, Seattle and New York facilities. In response, OHL International has voluntarily suspended the U.S. air export business of Activair.

Initially, the TSA’s investigation was considered a civil action. However, after several interviews with employees at Activair’s Indianapolis facility indicated that they were complying with direct orders from their supervisors to forego the screening process in order to save money, the TSA brought in criminal investigators to interview OHL and Activair employees both past and present. These security procedures are billed directly to the customer as line item fees. Reference: http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-tsa-investigation-turns-from-c-4169,0,4333738.story

SBS Worldwide, Ltd., an air and ocean forwarder specializing in the vertical market of publishing, has been inundated with calls, nationally and internationally. SBS Worldwide, Ltd. has informed callers that this incident is specific to Activair’s alleged malpractices. The Activair export embargo has forced thousands of kilos of books to be returned to their source. SBS Worldwide, Ltd. has pledged to assist the affected publishers in the safe, secure delivery of their freight.

What drives SBS Worldwide, Ltd. is a strong commitment to raising the standards in the freight forwarding industry. This commitment has become even more important to SBS Worldwide, Ltd. in lieu of the recent shut down of Activair’s operation for non-compliance with the United States Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) cargo screening regulations. “It does not help the perception of our industry when a few are found guilty of complicit dealings. Our business is becoming more compliant and security driven,” said Steve Walker, Chairman, SBS Worldwide, Ltd.

“Through the SBS Worldwide, Ltd. Training Implementation Plan (TIP) vital training needs are constantly being identified. Our program includes traditional classroom instruction, OJT (on the job training), as well as computer based and webinar formats are all used to deliver training. Our program insures that we maintain a highly professional team that stands ready to aggressively meet the needs of our customers or potential customers at all times,” said Lars Kloch, USA Managing Director, SBS Worldwide, Ltd.

Ironically, while accepting the Freight Forwarder of the Year Award at the 2010 IFW, Steve Walker, Chairman commented, “Today, not conducting our business with the utmost integrity not only affects our customers’ bottom lines but may very well cost human lives. The demand for training in security, regulatory compliance and technology increases every year.”

About SBS Worldwide, Ltd.

SBS Worldwide, Ltd. is a privately owned British company offering specialized global freight forwarding services to the publishing industry. SBS Worldwide, Ltd. has successfully adapted its service to meet the increasingly complex supply chains and comply with security regulations through the use of innovative information technology, the development of unique operation processes and on-going training programs.

SBS Worldwide, Ltd. invested in the development and use of innovative information technologies to drive costs out of their customers’ supply chains. The company was recently awarded the International Foreign Freight Forwarder Award for the development of its eDC (electronic distribution center) supply chain software for the publishing industry. The system effectively facilitates the transport of books from printers to customers around the world quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner.

The company also developed unique products that have reduced the number of containers required by our customers to move their products. SBS Worldwide, Ltd. developed configuration software that has greatly increased the efficiency of product stacking in containers during the loading phase. In addition, the company introduced the use of slip-sheets rather than pallets, which significantly increased the number of books that could be loaded into a container.

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