CK Technologies to Build $20 Million Manufacturing Facility in Texas

January 10, 2011

MONTPELIER, Ohio, Jan. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CK Technologies, LLC (CKT), a unit of Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Cascade Engineering and leading supplier to the commercial truck and bus market, today announced that it will build a manufacturing facility for interior, exterior, and functional (under-the-hood) assemblies in Brownsville, Texas. The new facility involves a capital investment in excess of $20 million and is expected to create 121 jobs during 2011.

CKT has maintained an exclusive focus on developing innovative solutions and technological advances for the commercial truck and bus market since 2002. The Company specializes in converting large parts manufactured with traditional processes to large tonnage injection molding, which reduces weight and improves structural integrity, overall quality and environmental impact. CKT’s expertise includes chromed and painted exterior surfaces, under-the-hood components, interior consoles, and instrument panels.

The new Brownsville facility will serve CKT customer operations located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico and house a large-tonnage injection molding capability, as well as chrome electroplating, painting, assembly and warehousing areas. The facility is slated to open with molding in the second quarter of 2011.

“The Brownsville area provides an ideal platform for CKT to meet and exceed our strategic growth objectives, which include expanding our manufacturing footprint and serving our many customers in the Southwest more efficiently,” said Tony Kramer, Commercial Director for CKT. “We have been pleased to collaborate with the Texas Enterprise Fund, and a number of local economic development officials, each of whom has been instrumental in helping CKT reach our goal. We are also confident that Brownsville’s skilled workforce will play a key role in enabling CKT to achieve rapid and sustained success as our new operations commence.”

About CK Technologies

CK Technologies (CKT) is a leader in providing innovative truck solutions to the commercial truck and bus (CT&B) industry through engineered plastic systems that deliver cost and weight savings aimed at all three major areas of the vehicle: exterior, interior and functional (under-the-hood). The Company was founded in 2002 when CKT recognized a strategic opportunity to position itself as a highly focused Tier 1 supplier of choice specific to the CT&B market. CKT specializes in low-volume, high-variety injection molding, assembly, chrome, prime paint, and base/clear finishing, with locations in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Mexico. Like the other business units in the Cascade Engineering family of companies (www.cascadeng.com), CKT has made sustainability the heart of everything it does – from business strategy to product development and commercialization. CKT is a “triple bottom line” company guided by a strong focus on growth as well as the understanding that business can play a key role in making a positive environmental and social impact. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.cktech.biz.

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