Surviving the PV Crash of 2012

January 13, 2011

BOSTON, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid growth of the German photovoltaic (PV) market, the world’s largest market for solar energy, will lead to steep incentive reductions in 2011 and 2012, causing an excess supply-driven price crash across the global PV supply chain, according to PHOTON Consulting’s 2011 PV sector outlook report, Solar Annual 2010-2011: Cash In.

In the recently released report, the PHOTON Consulting team anticipates that the saturation of the German PV market will lead to the solar sector’s first year of negative growth in recent history, creating survival risks for fast-growing companies with high cost structures, weak balance sheets or undifferentiated products and services.

“Executives in the solar power sector are balancing significant, long-term opportunities against considerable near-term risks. This dynamic makes 2011 a critical decision-making year for solar executives,” said Michael Rogol, PHOTON Consulting CEO. “This report pinpoints and quantifies essential industry risks and opportunities so solar decision-makers can prioritize and execute on the right next steps for their company.”

In anticipation of an increasingly competitive marketplace, PHOTON Consulting’s 2010-2011 global PV sector outlook report shares ten key moves for solar executives to pursue across procurement, sales contracts, capex, marketing, product development, financing and supply chain management to reduce their crash risk and drive sustainable value creation. In addition to providing key tactics to “cash in” on the next major stage in the history of the PV sector, PHOTON Consulting’s Solar Annual 2010-2011: Cash In report includes key data and five-year forward-looking analysis for PV supply, demand, price, cost and operating profit as well as identifies the PV companies best positioned to increase market share through 2014.

To view the executive summary, complete table of contents and purchase a copy of PHOTON Consulting’s Solar Annual 2010-2011: Cash In report, go to http://www.photonconsulting.com/solarannual2010-2011.


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