Green Energy Corp Creates GreenBus Alliance Program for Smart Grid Application Developers and Integrators

January 20, 2011

DENVER, Jan. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Green Energy Corp, a software technology company that enables traditional and emerging power providers to move to the Smart Grid, today announced that it has launched its GreenBus(TM) Alliance Program for developers and integrators.

“We are very proud to be part of the Alliance Program,” said Seth Kulakow, Co-Founder of i2IS, and former State of Colorado Chief Information Security Officer. “The open architecture of GreenBus allows us to easily integrate the i2IS cybersecurity application, and offers a fully secure end-to-end Smart Grid solution to utilities. This will also add deeper and more dynamic levels of security to afford protection for other applications connected to the GreenBus.”

Green Energy Corp has developed a middleware product called GreenBus that enables grid operations and back-office applications to interoperate in a data-driven, secure and highly scalable open architecture. GreenBus will come with 100′s of customized and standard drivers such as DNP3, Modbus and IEC 61850. The Alliance Program offers a GreenBus Applications Programming Interface (including MultiSpeak(TM)) to GreenBus, a Software Development Kit (SDK), technical support and marketing assistance from Green Energy Corp to allow rapid development of Smart Grid applications for utility and microgrid operators.

“The Alliance Program enables faster development of new technologies and applications for the Smart Grid by a growing ecosystem of leading Smart Grid players,” said Roxy Podlogar, Vice President of Product Strategy at Green Energy Corp. “Utilities will benefit greatly from this program by having a wider selection of new intelligent applications, quicker releases and updates of software, and less constraints from proprietary legacy applications.”

About i2IS – Cyberspace Solutions

i2IS is a cybersecurity firm offering CYBER INGENUITY(TM) — a full-scope and turnkey methodology for improving an organization’s cybersecurity posture. The CYBER INGENUITY(TM) methodology includes vigilant and operational cloud-based security, training, governance, and tailored cybersecurity consulting. This methodology is based on an All-Risks strategy that is consistent with NIST SP 800-53, and offers compliance with all industry compliance regimes. i2IS blends the substantial expertise of its team members to deliver an integrated, cross-disciplinary solution that is unmatched in its understanding and approach to modern threats from cyberspace. For more information please call (719) 785-0355 or visit www.i2iscorp.com.

About Green Energy Corp

Green Energy Corp provides products and software engineering services to utility, energy, and communication companies to enable the Smart Grid. Our team includes senior business leaders and industry experts with deep experience in power engineering, telecommunications, software and IT. Green Energy Corp’s GreenBus platform allows for rapid development of utility applications and is the only open source solution that supports interoperability of legacy and new applications. Green Energy Corp is proud to be associated with the IEEE, IEC, CIGRE, NSF FREEDM ERC, NIST, NRECA and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) organizations.

For more information please call (303) 453-8357 or visit www.greenenergycorp.com.

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