Russian National Exposition Featuring euro 500M Worth of Investment Projects Opened at Europe’s Largest Agricultural Fair – International Green Week 2011 Initiative in Berlin

January 21, 2011

MOSCOW, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Euro 200M worth of deals will be executed during just the first day of the Russian National Exposition at the International Green Week 2011 Initiative, which opened in Berlin on Monday. A total of around euro 500M worth of investment projects will be presented by the Russian participants at the largest European agricultural fair.

“Foreign investment and market share for Russian agricultural products at the world markets are two main issues which we will focus on at the fair,” says Russian Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, who heads an impressive delegation from Russian Federation. On Monday she opened the Russian exhibit together with her German colleague, Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner.

The Russian exhibit is housed in a 6,000 sq. meters hall. This year, for the first time, the central spot of the exhibit will be devoted to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The Government of the Krasnodar Krai (Territory) is the official partner of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation in organizing the exhibit.

27 Russian regions are contributing to the exhibit. The largest displays represent the Krasnodar Krai, Rostov Oblast’ (Province), Tatarstan Republic and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (District). Despite the last summer’s draught the regions that were hardest hit — Tatarstan Republic, Bashkortostan Republic, Mordovia Republic, Kirov and Tambov Oblast’s — will prominently feature their agricultural products at the fair. These regions include Tatarstan Republic, Bashkortostan Republic, Mordovia Republic, Kirov and Tambov Oblast’s.

As the result of its representation at the Green Week fair Russia seeks to generate interest among foreign investors in Russian agro-industrial complex projects, and to provide additional access to international markets for Russian agricultural output.

Drawing upon these goals, for the first time, Russian investment projects totaling roughly euro 500M will be presented at the investment projects exchange during the Green Week’s Cooperation Forum, which is to take place on January 22. Among those, will be featured:

  • Project for the construction of a rice husk processing complex in Krasnodar Krai. The end product of rice husk processing is silicon carbide, which is used in electronics. The consumers of this product would include producers of grinding machinery, oil and gas extracting companies, chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Project for the construction of an automated, full cycle intensive pig farming plant along with a biogas plant in Moscow Oblast’;
  • Project for building and launching of sturgeon farms and of other forms of aquaculture in Rostov Oblast’;
  • Project for the creation of a joint venture in several regions of the Central and Southern Federal Districts for targeted production of agricultural output (with projected volumes, assortment and quality, as well as annual grain output increases).

There will be daily food tastings as part of the days of national cuisine of the peoples of Russia. In addition to the wide selection of food being offered, the newest technologies and scientific breakthroughs in agricultural production, as well as in food processing industries will also be showcased.

The exposition visitors will be able to attend souvenir fairs featuring folk crafts of Russia, coupled with performances by artists from the featured Russian regions.

The business agenda of the official Russian delegation headed by Ms. Elena Skrynnik includes a regional discussion as part of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) “Development of agriculture and food industry in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” (01/21/2011, International Congress center ICC, hall 3).

An inclusive business program consists of signing ceremonies for international projects in the field of development of agricultural lands, farming, cultivation, land reclamation, as well as press-conferences and round-table sessions.

Numerous bilateral meetings have been planned for the Minister of Agriculture of Russia and her colleagues from Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Estonia, the president of the epizootic bureau, the EU’s commission on agriculture.

The issue of dioxin contamination that occurred earlier this year in Germany, as well as supply of meat products to the Customs Union are on the agenda for meetings of Russian veterinarian services officials and their EU counterparts.

The fair at the Messe Berlin convention center will be open till January 30th.

website: www.mcx.ru

SOURCE Russian Information Service

Source: newswire

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