WI Environmental Poised to Remediate Heavy Metals Worldwide

January 21, 2011

SEATTLE, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — WI Environmental (WIE) of Washington State, USA has successfully completed more than 6 years of rigorous testing and has passed all of China and U.S. regulations and standards. WIE has begun the process of being approved as the best management practice for remediation of heavy metals and poisons in acid mine drainage, wastewater, soils and storm water. Their trademarked product XR-88(TM) is the only known product that remediates these contaminants and turns them benign and harmless. The advantages to their treatment are low cost equipment, low solution ratio and a permanent fix to the contaminants thus saving millions in hazardous waste disposal.

The company has had great success in China remediating hexavalent chromium, wastewaters and sludge and most recently achieved significant results with acid mine remediation in South Africa. Reports indicate that unless immediate actions are taken, the city of Johannesburg will have their water ruined by acid mine drainage.

In recent figures, China produces over 4.2 billion metric tons of acid mine drainage yearly. The use of XR-88(TM) would enable China to secure billions of useable tons of water for agriculture use and prevent these contaminants from entering rivers and water sources. The Chinese government has recently announced that as part of their next five-year plan, they are going to address heavy metal remediation.

Additionally, Chinese companies both in Shandong and Shenzhen were very successful in treatment and application of XR-88(TM) in regards to hexavalent chromium remediation at manufacturing facilities.

“We are extremely excited by the news in China and look forward to helping in any way we can. I spent five years living and working there and we performed over 100 treatability studies throughout the country and we would be very pleased to be allowed to return and work in helping their government and people resolve their pollution problems,” said Timothy Wandell president of WI Environmental.

WI Environmental is a Washington State, USA company and a member of the Washington State China Relations Council, Association of Washington Businesses, Seattle Chamber of Commerce and others. For more information or to contact WI Environmental please go to www.wienvironmental.com.

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