Twin Your Town with the Meerkats’!

January 25, 2011

LONDON, Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — comparethemeerkat.com founder, Aleksandr Orlov, has today announced that he is looking for a UK town to be twinned with his suffering village, Meerkovo. The Russian meerkat village is the focus of the latest comparethemeerkat.com television commercials.

Aleksandr is launching the campaign to raise awareness of the plight of Meerkovo, which continues to suffer as people who are looking for cheap car insurance on comparethemarket.com are visiting his site comparethemeerkat.com by mistake.

Aleksandr’s twin towns campaign will help raise the profile of the Meerkovian’s plight even more, following on from the launch of new website meerkovo.com this week. Visitors to meerkovo.com can cheer up the meerkat villagers by playing the Meerkovo Quiz and showing they know the difference between comparethemarket.com and comparethemeerkat.com

The twin towns campaign has already attracted attention from many meerkat fans around the country and around 100 UK towns have been proposed to date, including Meir in North Staffordshire and Winder-meer, Cumbria. Last week residents of Market (Meerkat) Harborough even set up their own campaign page on Facebook, which has attracted nearly 800 supporters.

UK towns who would like to be awarded the prestigious Meerkovo Twin Town title, need to visit Aleksandr’s Facebook page from today for full details on how to nominate their town. Nominations need to be posted on Aleksandr’s Facebook page by 4(th) February.

Speaking from his mansion, Aleksandr said: “Despite advertising campaign, blockbuster movies and bestselling Christmas book, peoples are still not know the difference between meerkat and market!

As you know this is having big impact on my home village of Meerkovo. So to raise profile of plight, village of Meerkovo is to be twin with town in the United Kingdoms. Please visit my Facebook for make vote and give your home town honour of be twin of Meerkovo!”

For full details on the competition visit Aleksandr’s Facebook and Twitter sites or:




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