February 1, 2011

Turboprop Manufacturer To Deploy Seven Mechtronix
42/72 Maintenance Flight Simulation Training Devices Worldwide

MONTREAL, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ – Mechtronix Systems Inc., an MWC company,
a world leading manufacturer of Flight Simulation Training Devices
(FSTD), today announced that ATR has acquired seven Maintenance Flight
Simulation Training Devices (MFSTD) – also named Virtual Procedure
Trainer (VPT) by ATR – featuring all ATR current variants (72-500,
42-500, 72-200 and 42-300) to be deployed at “Reference Training
Centers” (RTC) strategically located to serve ATR airline customers.
With this multiple order, ATR relies on Mechtronix’ expertise again and
ensures optimal training to regional turboprop operators. Crew will
have access to the MFSTD’s to learn and practice systems and procedures
for various training schemes including Type-Rating or recurrent checks.

“We are delighted to partner with Mechtronix again and equip our RTC’s
with their state-of-the-art simulation technology”, said Jean-Pierre
Cousserans, ATR Senior Vice-President Customer Services. “Our training
policy consists in building a network of training centers close to ATR
operators and in providing them with the most advanced and efficient
flight training facilities and equipment. Our airline customers will
benefit from Mechtronix high-end simulation technology that we have
been using at our own training center in Toulouse for many years. We
look forward to having our training facilities equipped with our new
VPT’s and continue to expand our flight operations services.”

“It is great that two major players such as ATR and Mechtronix combine
one’s forward-thinking flight training policy with the other’s advanced
technology to provide world class training to ATR operators”, added
Mechtronix President Herve. “Besides developing a FFT X(TM) to support
entry into service of the new -600 series, we continue to develop
flight simulation solutions for the -500 series, a regional turboprop
that is very popular internationally. We are really glad to contribute
to the provision of high quality training tools and solutions to ATR
operators and strengthen our presence worldwide.”

The MFSTD, or VPT as named by ATR, configured as the 42/72, is a crew
training device enabling systems and procedure training. The MFSTD’s
will come with touch screens for an easy navigation on all panels,
controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck. The ordered
MFSTD’s include innovative features such as active systems schematics
and 3D interface for key systems. ATR trainees will experience high
level fidelity and familiarize themselves with the aircraft cockpit
environment, thus optimizing FFS training time.

About ATR and ATR Training Center (ATC)
Formed in 1981, ATR has grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer
of advanced 50 to 74 seat regional turboprop aircraft. ATR is a joint
venture and equal partnership between major European aerospace
companies Alenia Aeronautica (a Finmeccanica company) and EADS. ATR has
sold more than 1,000 ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft, which are used by over
150 operators in 80 countries. These have accumulated a total of 18
million cycles. The ATR network of Training Centers is made of a major
center (ATC) located in Toulouse, France and other centers, developed
through partnerships in Thailand, Malaysia, India and North America. To
guarantee optimal quality and efficiency of its training programs, ATC
constantly updates its technical contents and courseware tuition

About Mechtronix Systems Inc.
Mechtronix Systems Inc. (Mechtronix Systems), an MWC company,
specializes in the design and manufacturing of Flight Simulation
Training Devices for general, business and commercial aviation. Fuelled
by 20+ years of passion and dedication, we are a top leader on the
global flight simulation and training market with a presence in
America, Europe and Asia. Based in Montreal, Mechtronix Systems offers
a full range of products from full flight simulators to flight training
devices, setting new industry standards for higher fidelity,
reliability, cost efficiency and safety. To support our worldwide
customers that include major airlines, training centers and training
organizations, we have technical support centers strategically located
around the globe. For more information, please visit www.mwc.mechtronix.com.


Source: newswire

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