Green Energy Corp Releases GreenBus Platform for Smart Grid Transformation

February 1, 2011

DENVER, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Green Energy Corp, a software technology company that enables traditional and emerging power providers to move to the Smart Grid, today announced the commercial release of its GreenBus(TM) platform for utilities, and the first power utility contract for a GreenBus subscription.

The GreenBus, Green Energy Corp’s flagship product, is the culmination of the company’s deep experience helping utilities modernize the operation of the power grid. At the core of the GreenBus is a secure middleware platform that captures extremely high volume, real-time field device data and interconnects that data with operations and business systems. With this new access to grid intelligence and coordinated applications, utilities are able to make the promise of the Smart Grid a reality.

“We have been close to the development and evolution of the GreenBus over the last year,” said Randy Brecheisen, President and CEO of Piedmont Electric. “Our commitment to incorporate the GreenBus into our Smart Grid initiatives reflects our expectation for an immediate impact on our operating efficiency as well as providing a much needed technology platform to support upcoming needs, such as support for electric vehicles.”

GreenBus was designed to provide a clear pathway for utilities to incrementally adopt smart technology without disrupting the performance of today’s dated, but still reliable grid. The pathway starts with Green Energy Corp’s commitment to an open source model that connects a global community of engineers and developers to create, test and share smart solutions. In addition to driving rapid innovation, the Green Energy Corp sponsored open source community (www.TotalGrid.org) is expected to accelerate the adoption of standards.

“An open source strategy is vital if we are to transform to a smart grid, and to allow utilities of all sizes to own their information destiny,” said Peter Gregory, CEO of Green Energy Corp. “It is the only cure for the silos that exist at virtually every utility. GreenBus customers have the only path to effectively integrate old but critical legacy devices with advanced technology accessible in a managed, virtualized platform.”

Derived from the open source community, Green Energy Corp engineers perform authentication and quality testing to harden the GreenBus into a utility grade solution which meets the standards of security and reliability demanded by the power industry. Security, scalability and high performance are embedded in the design of every GreenBus component. The GreenBus real-time data collection system includes data capture adaptors that are standards-based (DNP3, Modbus and IEC 61850), or customized for hundreds of legacy devices. The GreenBus Application Programming Interface (API) enables secure intra-application communications, including use of the standard MultiSpeak(TM). The GreenBus API also allows management of field devices, access to real-time and historical data, events, alarms and other critical grid information.

Members of the recently announced GreenBus Alliance program are application developers and systems integrators using the GreenBus as a core platform to reduce their time to market and to provide greater value to their customers. The GreenBus is available to utility customers and Alliance partners via a subscription service from Green Energy Corp.

About Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation (Piedmont EMC)

Piedmont EMC is based in Hillsborough, NC, and is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative that is also part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Piedmont EMC serves over 32,000 customers in 6 counties. For more information please call (919) 732-2123 or visit http://www.pemc.coop.

About Green Energy Corp

Green Energy Corp provides products and software engineering services to utility, energy, and communication companies to enable the Smart Grid. Our team includes senior business leaders and industry experts with deep experience in power engineering, telecommunications, software and IT. Green Energy Corp’s GreenBus platform allows for rapid development of utility applications and is the only open source solution that supports interoperability of legacy and new applications. Green Energy Corp is proud to be associated with the IEEE, IEC, CIGRE, NSF FREEDM ERC, NIST, NRECA and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) organizations. For more information please call (303) 453-8357 or visit www.greenenergycorp.com.

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