Black Hawk Acquires 3 Square Miles of Strategic Paradox Salt Basin Lithium and Potash Targets

February 8, 2011

FOX ISLAND, Wash., Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Black Hawk Exploration, (OTCM: BHWX), a diversified Gold, Silver, Lithium, Oil and Gas exploration company, is pleased to announce it is the successful bidder on three contiguous potassium and associated chlorides (LITHIUM) leases located within the prolific Paradox Salt Basin, San Juan County, State of Utah. The BHWX leases encompass nearly 2,000 acres of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) tracts of subsurface potassium rights and includes all other associated chloride minerals. The newly acquired leases are situated less than 3,000 feet from a known federal potash reserved leasing area. Direct access and infrastructure is immediately contiguous to the acquired project area. This includes a pool of professional labor, a major highway, natural gas pipeline and close proximity of a major power source. Improved roads crisscross the leases. The company has in its possession oil and gas well data from one of our leases, displaying sections of salts nearly 3,000 feet thick containing multiple potassium (Potash) beds within the Paradox salts.

“Lithium was our major target for this project and is covered under our Potash Lease as chlorides. Having a potentially world class potash property integrated with this asset is a bonus for BHWX and its shareholders. Any exploration will allow us to measure lithium and potash as well as the magnesium and boron resources in each well we drill. The successful bid for these newly acquired assets continues the positive growth of our company. This delivers an ongoing model for Black Hawk to host a diverse portfolio of substantial projects including Lithium, Oil and Gas, Gold and Silver and now Potash,” stated Kevin M. Murphy, CEO of Black Hawk.

In the published report titled Mineral, Energy and Ground Water Resources of San Juan County, Utah it states; “A thick zone of saline water containing potassium, sodium, magnesium and trace elements underlies the eastern portions of San Juan County in the same area as the bedded salt of the Paradox Formation. Devonian to Cretaceous strata contains brine, but Mississippian to Permian strata contains the highest concentrations and host most of the resource.

The Depth to the brine zone is controlled by stratigraphy and geologic structure as well as the amount of surface water infiltration. The concentration and composition of the brine carries laterally and vertically. Mauher and Heylmun (1966) evaluated oil field brines from 200 wells in the Paradox basin and determined that the brines become more concentrated toward the deeper part of the basin. Mauher and Heylmun projected commercial possibilities for extraction of magnesium, potassium bromine, boron as well as lithium.”

Black Hawk is currently incorporating these new acquisitions into its overall Lithium exploration plans and phasing for future development. BHWX will include cross section salt and brine modeling, exploratory planning, drill site recon and permitting in Utah upon completion of our 2011 Lithium acquisition plans.

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Black Hawk’s current Cowley County, Kansas 3 day drill program will proceed with re-entry into the SELLERS #1(B) Well and extend the exploration depth to include the historically prolific Layton, Mississippi and Arbuckle zones upon mobilization of the exploration rig. Historical production from the Layton Zone alone produced over 30 barrels of oil per day and BHWX hopes to match and exceed these numbers with the application of modern technology. A Slick Water Frac, to improve production, is scheduled and a decision regarding a horizontal drill program will be made within the 2 weeks of drill completion based on our analysis of the Duel Induction, Compensated Neutro Density, Microresistivity and Borehole Compensated Sonic testing. BHWX has received approval from the Oil and Gas Conservation Division for a projected total depth of 3,600 feet. BHWX plans a 6 month, 20 well program on its approximately 2,500 acres.

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