Virginia State University Relies on Imbrium Systems’ SorbtiveFILTER Technology to Protect Appomattox River

February 8, 2011

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ – In developing its new
Howard Quad Complex, a $20 million, 458-bed residence hall, Virginia State
(VSU) relied on Imbrium Systems’ SorbtiveFILTER technology to treat
stormwater runoff from adjacent parking lots. The Quad Phase I is the first of
two projects consisting of four, L-shaped residence halls that will eventually
cover the area now occupied by Howard Hall. The University is situated in
Chesterfield County at Ettrick on a bluff across the Appomattox River from the
city of Petersburg. Founded in 1882, Virginia State University (VSU) is the
nation’s first fully state-assisted four-year, historically black college or

The original engineering site plans called for three small parking lots,
each designed with a sandfilter to treat stormwater runoff. A re-examination
of the plans by ACF Environmental offered a better solution that achieved a
better water quality for the stormwater runoff and saved Virginia State
precious construction dollars. “Once we reviewed the site plan with
the engineering and constructions firms, we understood the challenge was to
find a more innovative stormwater technology that produced a better water
quality and reduced project costs”, stated Corey Simonpietri, Market
Development Manager at ACF Environmental in Richmond, Virginia.

“The solution involving the Sorbtive technology was truly a win-win
situation for all parties”, said Taso Iraclidis, Regional Manager for Imbrium
Systems. “VSU is adjacent to the Appomattox River in a sub-basin of the James
River, which ultimately empties into the lower Chesapeake Bay. The Bay TMDL
(Total Maximum Daily Load) which targets both sediment and nutrients like
phosphorus has consequences for upstream communities and land development. The
Appomattox River contributes about one-percent of the phosphorus load to the
Chesapeake Bay. Everyone needs to protect the Chesapeake Bay from stormwater
runoff that contains sediment and nutrients and VSU takes this obligation
seriously”, added Iraclidis.

By substituting the three SorbtiveFILTER systems with accompanying
RainTank systems for the original sand filters, the project installation moved
forward more quickly and material costs were dramatically reduced. “Using the
SorbtiveFILTER was a creative solution that eliminated the need for large
cranes to set the sand filters”, stated Lynn J. Rogien, Senior Project Manager
of W. M. Jordan Company. “At W. M. Jordan Company, we believe in Green
Building Principles and their undeniable benefits to our customers, the
environment and the communities we serve”, added Rogien.

“Sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus are the primary pollutants of concern
for the Chesapeake. VSU is a terrific example of environmental designers and a
“Green” contractor looking for innovative technologies that reduce stormwater
nutrient loads that enter the Chesapeake Bay. The SorbtiveFILTER is an
industry leader and our field testing shows that under real world conditions
the SorbtiveFILTER removed over 80-percent of sediment, 77-percent of Total
Phosphorus and over 44-percent of Dissolved Phosphorus. Virginia is one of the
key States in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and should take every opportunity
to reduce the phosphorus from stormwater runoff”, added Imbrium Systems’ Taso

“There is a real sense of urgency involving the rehabilitation and future
life of the Bay. Field-tested stormwater technologies – like SorbtiveFILTER
and SorbtiveMEDIA – already exist and have been proven to capture high volumes
of dissolved and total phosphorus. At Imbrium Systems, we are proud that our
products offer genuine solutions that will reduce phosphorus and sediment in
the Chesapeake Bay”, added Iraclidis.

About Imbrium

Imbrium (www.imbriumsystems.com) is a green-tech company that designs,
develops and manufactures stormwater treatment technologies to protect water
resources from pollutants. Imbrium has a strong record of environmental
innovation in the industry as the creator of the Stormceptor(R) oil and
sediment separator, the Jellyfish filter, Sorbtive(TM)MEDIA and

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