As Scientists Discover New Exoplanets, One Man Claims to Have God’s Message About Alien Life

February 9, 2011

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — While the discoveries of the Kepler mission have tripled the number of known planets in our galaxy, one man has taken the questions about alien life to a higher power. Marshall Vian Summers claims to be receiving a message from God about the existence of alien life beyond our world.

For twenty years, Summers has lived in Boulder, Colorado, the same city in which the Kepler space telescope was built and is now operated. But here in Boulder, the findings of science and the findings of a declared prophet have not yet made contact.

On July 15, Summers releases a cornerstone of his multi-thousand-page revelation, a book entitled The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe (July 2011, New Knowledge Library). Most dismiss his claims of revelation as outrageous. Yet now, as scientists add 54 potentially Earth-like worlds to our galactic map, some people are taking an interest in the information Summers is revealing.

When asked what God has to say about astrobiology, of all subjects, Summers responds, “God knows, with our limited technology and the vast distances of space, we may never learn what life is like beyond our world. God wants to end our isolation in the Universe and engage us with the other 99 percent of Creation. So in the revelation I’ve received, God is giving us an understanding about the habitability of worlds and about the interaction, trade and travel of intelligent civilizations in our local region of space. God is telling us what we could never learn on our own.”

Who knows, maybe the existence of alien life is enough to provoke the Creator to speak again. Summers and his followers around the world certainly think so ( www.newmessage.org ). In any case, it’s the biggest claim of a God-event since the days of Muhammad.

As we focus our optical and radio technology on new cosmic discoveries, few would like to think that we are the ones being discovered. Yet in Summers’ revelation, God is saying just that. According to his publisher Darlene Mitchell, Summers’ new book contains vital information that governments and citizens must heed.

“We desperately need this revelation on life in the Universe, if governments and religions are ever going to end their ceaseless conflicts and preserve the environment and resources of Earth. This new revelation tells us there is tremendous competition for resources in the Universe, especially for Earth-like worlds. It reveals that the Earth is coveted by others and that plans are underway to subvert human sovereignty. That is why God is speaking again.”

At the least, God is confirming what is obvious to science: Earth-like worlds are rare. As to the rest of Summers’ claims, July 15 will show what is really new in this “New Message from God.” In any case, this prophet of astrobiology is asking both science and religion to face a whole new paradigm and to honor revelation as another means for knowing the unknowable.

Those interested in what Summers has to say before his new book is available, might consider his annual two-day event in Boulder, Colorado, on July 1 and 2 ( www.newmessage.org/theuniverse ). Or you can contact his organization, The Society for the New Message from God, at 1-800-938-3891.

CONTACT: Joyce Johnson, 1-800-938-3891

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