CMAI & Intratec Announce New Offering in Technology Intelligence Program (TIP)

February 10, 2011

HOUSTON, Feb. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (CMAI), along with alliance partner Intratec Solutions LLC (Intratec), is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new offering in their Technology Intelligence Program (TIP) – the TIP Economic Simulator, which complements TIP Technology Reports. TIP Technology Reports provide a comprehensive review and evaluation of process technology, capital and production costs, market overviews and profitability analysis for production technologies of interest to the chemical industry. The TIP Economic Simulator is a spreadsheet-like tool with a user-friendly interface where input parameters can be edited by the user to generate a tailored economic analysis under specific conditions and scenarios. TIP Economic Simulators enable adjustment of various economic parameters including construction period, start-up year, plant location, plant capacity, operating rate profile, product and feedstock pricing, capital investment and OSBL configuration, tax rates and depreciation methods. Sensitivity analysis is also provided. The Economic Simulator includes automated graphics that clearly illustrate key aspects of the project economics, providing an accurate assessment of the technology examined under the particular circumstances determined by the user, based on the economic performance criteria of highest interest. Economic Simulators can be purchased in conjunction with any TIP Technology Report. The first Technology reports in the TIP service, now available, are the On-Purpose Propylene series, including:

    Propylene via Metathesis Technology Report
    Propane Dehydrogenation Technology Report
    Methanol-to-Propylene Technology Report

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The new Technology Intelligence Program (TIP) combines the renowned chemical market strength of CMAI with the process design and technology expertise of Intratec. TIP reports will cover a wide array of chemical technologies, for both organic and inorganic chemicals, basic and specialty chemicals, ranging from petrochemicals to green chemicals. Example topics of future TIP reports include:

    Ethylene dimerization
    Bio-mixed alcohols
    Green polypropylene
    Terephthalic acid
    Polyester resin

In addition to TIP Technology Reports and TIP Economic Simulators, the TIP program also offers TIP Consolidated Reports. Whereas TIP Technology Reports provide a comprehensive review of a specific process, TIP Consolidated Reports provide a comparative analysis of the various processes and technologies covered in associated TIP Technology Reports. TIP Reports will serve as important tools for executives, engineers, academics and many decision makers in a broad range of situations, when it is necessary to predict, in an unbiased way, crucial operating and performance information about specific processes/technologies. The Technology Intelligence Program develops and evaluates key design information such as process flowcharts, material balances, key performance indicators, capital investments, cost structure and cost-effectiveness and main inefficiencies, and quantifies technological strengths and weaknesses. The TIP Technology Reports will be reliable sources for insightful observations about both existing and emerging chemical process technologies. Relying on Intratec’s technological knowledge, TIP Technology Reports include a 5-year historical patent review and point out emerging and up-to-date technologies and trends. In addition, each report provides global supply/demand and an outlook on capacity by producer from CMAI’s proprietary capacity database. TIP Technology Reports also incorporate feedstock and product pricing from CMAI’s proprietary price database, providing realistic economic evaluations. TIP Consolidated reports provide a business-oriented comparative analysis among key technologies covered in associated TIP Technology Reports, including both a comprehensive report as well as an Executive Summary in presentation format.

Intratec is an independent industrial think tank recognized for excellence in the areas of technology, innovation and process design consulting. Intratec’s wide spectrum of services include process plant configuration studies, competitive technical intelligence analyses, facility siting studies, capital cost build-up of entire facilities from individual equipment-level concept design, intellectual property protection guidance including patent support, technical opportunities identification and opportunity portfolio optimization in existing plants and technology evaluation for emerging technologies among others. For more information about Intratec and its services, visit www.intratec.us or call Intratec’s Houston office at 1-713-821-1745.

CMAI is the premier provider of Market, Planning and Business Advisory services offering a unique combination of consulting analytics and expertise for the global chemical, plastics, fibers and chlor-alkali industries. With offices in Houston, New York, London, Dubai, Dsseldorf, Bangkok, Singapore and Shanghai, CMAI has provided expert business advisory services to a broad base of companies across multiple value chains and geographies since 1979. Clients to CMAI services include chemical and oil companies, technology & EPC companies, law firms, banking and financial institutions, plastic converters, textile & apparel manufacturers, brand-owners, grocers/retailers, government agencies and trading companies.

    For additional information on this service, visit CMAI's website at
     www.cmaiglobal.com or contact:

    Sarah Godby
    1401 Enclave Parkway, Suite 500
    Houston, TX 77077 U.S.A.
    Tel: 1-281-531-4660       Fax: 1-281-531-9966
    Email: sgodby@cmaiglobal.com

    For additional information on Intratec, visit their website at
     www.intratec.us or contact any of their corporate locations:

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