Modesto Irrigation District Sees Long Way to Go for Delta Stewardship Plan

February 15, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Delta Stewardship Council released the first draft of its 50-year plan to revitalize the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. After reviewing the plan, Allen Short, the General Manager of the Modesto Irrigation District, has serious concerns.

“Unfortunately the draft plan as released has yet to define several key components essential to the long-term balance of the Delta. The cost to water and electric rate payers throughout California has yet to be determined but we anticipate it will be significant. The Modesto Irrigation District will continue to follow the actions of the Delta Stewardship Council and closely monitor future plan developments.

“We hope that the Council will keep in mind its co-equal goals of restoring the ecosystem and ensuring a reliable water supply for all Californians. The Council’s plan must outline a vision for the Delta that works for all Californians because in the end, it is the citizens of California that will have to pay for this plan. We hope that the Council will be a cooperative party in what the governor has laid out as his desire to advance a timely Delta solution that provides California with a reliable economic backbone.”

Today’s draft is the first of seven versions expected throughout 2011 as the Delta Stewardship Council receives feedback on the plan. The final plan is due by January 1, 2012 to the State.

SOURCE Modesto Irrigation District

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