Ukraine to Develop its own Modern Missile Complex

February 21, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, February 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ukraine will build its
own up-to-date missile complex called Sapsan. The new multi-functional
missile complex is expected to combine the features of a tactical missile
complex and a multiple rocket launcher. This was announced during the visit
of the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to Kharkiv City, Eastern Ukraine.

The missile range stated by the developer (the Pivdenne Design Bureau in
Dnipropetrovsk) is up to 280 kilometers. The new weapon is expected to be
tested in 2012-2013 and enter service in 2015. The estimated construction
cost of the new missile system is 3.5 billion UAH (USD 440 mln.)

When asked about the readiness of the modern Sapsan missile complex,
Viktor Yanukovych reassured that the government is set to carry out this plan
within the shortest timeframe as well as to make sure the project is properly
financed. The president has referred to Sapsan as to the “most up-to-date”
missile system to be constructed in Ukraine.

In addition, the Ukrainian president highlighted that the government
plans to back up Ukraine’s participation in preparation of the space
launching site in Brazil and support such major projects as Dnipro, and

In recent years Ukraine has occupied one of the world’s leading positions
among the countries that produce rocket launchers. Another world-known
achievement of Ukraine is production of the ecologically sensitive rocket
complex Zenit, one of the best rocket carriers with a fully automated
preparation and launching process. The carrier is produced by Pivdenne Design
Bureau. Zenit will serve as a base for creating an entire family of
prospective space carriers. Moreover, Kharkiv based design bureau Khartronis
a leading think-tank of Ukrainian missile construction industry. Khartron is
among the three design bureaus in the world, capable to produce sophisticated
missile control systems. Ukraine is one of the three successors of the Soviet
space industry potential. Moreover, Ukraine is one of the five
countries in the world, which has a complete rocket production cycle.
Ukrainian companies that work in the space industry utilize most of the known
space technologies and participate in 50 international space projects.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine

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