Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) Issues Consumer Alerts On Two Motor Oils

February 25, 2011

METUCHEN, N.J., Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/The Petroleum Quality Institute of America issued Consumer Alerts on two passenger car engine oils today that are currently on the market. The oils are Liberty Gold Plus SMO 5W-30 Motor Oil and Bullseye Automotive Products High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil (SC/CC). According to PQIA, these products can cause harm to an automobile engine and void warranties.

These two brands of passenger car engine oil were purchased by the Petroleum Quality Institute of America in January and February 2011 in Ohio and Michigan. The test results for the samples show they fall far short of the product’s labeled viscosity. Whereas the Petroleum Quality Institute of America feels the low viscosity of these samples alone is enough to issue a consumer alert, other test data for the samples indicate use of these products can cause damage to an automobile engine.

According to Thomas F. Glenn, President of PQIA, “The test results for these products are the most concerning we have seen to date.” To express these concerns Glenn says, “The viscosity for the 5W-30 tested is nearly 70% below where it should be, and the level of additives is less than a quarter of that required by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to protect automobiles currently on the road.”

Similarly, the 10W-30 PQIA tested has a very low viscosity and lacks the additives required to protect an engine from wear and corrosion.

Also of concern is that these products were purchased at a convenience store operating under the Shell banner. PQIA’s website provides excellent insights on how this can happen and why Shell and other major oil companies have little control of what non-fuel products are sold at service stations flying their flags.

See the Petroleum Quality Institute of America’s website for details on the alerts and Shell’s comments:


About PQIA:

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America is an independent research company whose mission is to serve the consumer of lubricants by testing and reporting on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace.

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