Afraid of Excessive X-Rays? New Micronutrient Formulation Provides Protection

March 7, 2011

DENVER, March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — With X-ray scanners in airports, doctors’ offices and dental clinics, there seems to be no escaping its harmful effects.

But help is now available to address risks of ionizing radiation emitted by any source — airport bodyscans and flights, medical and dental X-rays, and even radon, the world’s second-leading cause of lung cancer.

Led by renowned radiation biologist, Dr. Kedar N. Prasad, scientists at Nashville’s Premier Micronutrient Corporation (PMC) have developed BioShield-Radiation (http://www.bioshieldpill.com), a safe “radioprotective” pill containing a unique formulation of antioxidants proven to efficiently absorb harmful “free radicals.” The product was originally developed at the request of the Marine Corps after 9/11 to protect military personnel from the adverse effects of radiation they might encounter while fighting in the Middle East. Research conducted with the Department of Defense, NASA and prominent universities has demonstrated effectiveness in addressing radiation-induced oxidative stress.

“Radiation exposure is a serious medical problem we are trying to prevent,” according to PMC medical advisor and clinical collaborator, Dr. James Ehrlich, whose imaging centers have scanned over 50,000 patients. “For example, a recent report revealed that CAT scans performed in one year will produce an extra 29,000 future cancers. Now add other medical exams, airline travel, radon and unavoidable background cosmic radiation and it becomes understandable why pilots and frequent flyers refuse bodyscans.”

According to Dr. Prasad, “Ionizing radiation, even at very low doses, is now officially classified by our government health agencies as a carcinogen. The carcinogenic effects of x-rays are largely the result of free radicals, which break DNA strands or cause chromosomal deletions. It’s been known for decades that antioxidants exhibit radiation protection. This unique patented formulation provides optimal protection.”

Dr. Gerald M. Haase, Chief Medical Officer of PMC said, “As a pediatric specialist, I am aware that children are particularly sensitive to x-rays and have been alarmed by the explosive increase in CT scanning in this population. I applaud the efforts of the ‘Image Gently’ campaign in developing guidelines to reduce CT scanner dose, an important ‘radiation physics’ initiative. I am confident conscientious physicians will embrace the idea of providing an additional biologic layer of protection. BioShield-Radiation now comes in a pediatric formulation.”

PMC ‘s BioShield-Radiation represents the world’s first patented pill specifically designed to address oxidative stress from ionizing radiation. Numerous scientific studies reveal it to be safe, effective and able to achieve a high blood level shortly after ingestion. This unique, proprietary comprehensive formulation includes not only dietary, but additional endogenous (made in the body) antioxidants and important glutathione-elevating agents.

BioShield-Radiation R1 (for incidental exposure) is recommended for use shortly before (and sometimes, after) medical and dental x-rays. Additionally, R-1 is appropriate for individuals taking airline flights or subject to brief periods of high oxidative stress (e.g., entering a smoke-filled environment). Taken daily, BioShield-Radiation R2 is designed to protect aviation personnel, nuclear power plant workers, those exposed to dirty bombs and certain healthcare/dental professionals who are in regular occupational contact with radiation. Some frequent flyers, firefighters and people who live or work amidst high levels of radon should also consider daily R2.

Cardiac imaging societies have been particularly conscientious about CT imaging — prompting scanner manufacturers to develop low dose techniques. “Everyone in the profession understands the importance of dose reduction in cardiac CT. I believe BioShield-Radiation® is a terrific complement to these scanner-centric dose reduction techniques,” said UCLA cardiology professor Dr. Matthew Budoff.

“Public interest in the damaging effects of radiation has never been higher, while government regulatory oversight is increasing, especially in response to reports of medical centers who have inadvertently over-radiated thousands of people.” Dr. Ehrlich reports a recent “sea-change” in attitude by the medical and aviation communities. “Formerly reticent about acknowledging health consequences of radiation, medical imagers and pilots are concerned about airline safety and workplace safety.”

Randy Looper, CEO of PMC, reports, “The company is seeking national sales and distribution partners to be part of the BioShield Radiation launch. PMC is also working directly with retail chains, hospital networks and medical centers to ensure immediate customer access to the product. We are thrilled to be first to market to help satisfy an unmet consumer need. Parties interested in selling or distributing BioShield-Radiation should contact Dr. Jennifer McCallum Ph.D., Esq.”

A single dose of R-1 (2 pills), perfect for a frequent flier or a person getting a low dose test like a mammogram, costs only $4.95. A monthly supply (R-2), for those exposed regularly, costs only $43.95. People can order BioShield directly from the website: http://www.bioshieldpill.com/order.htm or by phone: 1-888-606-8883. Since the product is a comprehensive formulation of safe micronutrients, no prescription is needed to buy it.

    James Ehrlich, M.D.



    Jennifer M. McCallum, Ph.D., Esq.



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