Inflation Concerns Drive New Demand for Commodities – In-Depth Research Featuring Northgate Minerals and New Gold

March 9, 2011

HONG KONG, March 9 /PRNewswire/ – Today, www.WorldStreetFundamentals.com released its industry report highlighting resource miners Northgate
Minerals Corporation (TSX:NGX)(NYSE Amex:NXG) and New Gold Inc.
(TSX:NGD)(NYSE Amex:NGD). Current state of affairs, monetary policy,
and worries of inflation is stimulating investor interest in companies
backed by precious and industrial metals. Investors from around the
world are invited to view fundamental and technical analysis at www.WorldStreetFundamentals.com/Reports.php.

Recently, the U.S. Federal Reserve has enacted quantitative easing
totaling $2.3 trillion, from $1.7 trillion of Treasuries and
mortgage-backed bonds, to its recent $600 billion purchases of
intermediate and long-term Treasuries. The Fed is learning from Japan’s
1990 mistake of not offering stimulus for long enough. Lead economists
are anticipating higher inflation as the most significant outcome from
this policy. As a result, assets backed by precious metals in with
strong fundamentals are starting to gain momentum.

World Street recognizes Northgate Minerals for its solid operating and
financial results, posting excellent cash flow from operations ($56.5
million in Q4 2010). The company’s open pit reserves have increased by
over 20% to 325,000 ounces at Young-Davidson, which currently is rated
with a 15-year mine life. To read the report on Northgate Minerals
Corporation (TSX:NGX)(NYSE Amex:NXG), click here: www.WorldStreetFundamentals.com/ViewFullReport.NXG.php.

World Street Fundamentals has highlighted New Gold due to increasing
production, declining costs and continued strength in commodity prices.
Its recent year-end results set record earnings and cash flow, with
cash flow from operations increased by 131% to $182 million from $79
million in 2009, the strongest reporting period ever in the company’s
history. To read the report on New Gold Inc. (TSX:NGD)(NYSE Amex:NGD),
click here: www.WorldStreetFundamentals.com/ViewFullReport.NGD.php.

Several recent trends demonstrate the possibility of silver reaching an
inflection point, whereby it begins to trade with greater influence as
a precious metal in addition to its industrial metal influences. This
situation marks a bullish case for Silver, as industrial focused
gold/silver ratios gravitate towards 40, while historic precious metal
derived gold/silver ratio averages at 15.

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