Simrit Revolutionizes Surface Finish Testing Methodology to Increase Seal Performance

March 22, 2011

LAS VEGAS, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — To improve and minimize variation of rod counter surface quality for hydraulic applications, Simrit has specified six additional parameters. Expanding on the three parameters that are traditionally used to measure surface finish and define sealing technology requirements, these new attributes allow engineers to more accurately predict, and therefore anticipate, seal behavior without additional measurements or time.

“The precise evaluation of an application’s surface finish is critical to the overall effectiveness of the entire sealing system,” said Joel Johnson, vice president of technology, Simrit. “Based on the Abbott Firestone Curve and ISO methodology, our new factors modernize the standards for counter surface examination, which helps extend the life and increase the performance of sealing systems.”

Simrit determined that, while important, the traditional three testing parameters – R(a), R(max) and R(z) – were not adequate to accurately classify surface abrasiveness and a component’s potential to hold lubricant. To address current and future industry trends and expectations, Simrit developed an improved methodology that better identifies surface characteristics over a defined length and complete depth of the profile.

This improved methodology consists of the following attributes that work to more accurately define surface texture and, as a result, improve the life of the sealing system:

  • R(k) – core roughness depth;
  • R(pk) – mean height of the peaks protruding from the roughness core profile;
  • R(vk) – mean depth of the valleys protruding from the roughness core profile;
  • R(pkx) – the full peak height;
  • R(vkx) – the full valley depth; and
  • M(r) – material ratios (dependent on R(pk) and R(vk)).

Initial in-house testing by Simrit indicates that the new parameters, through the more accurate evaluation of surface characteristics, are able to reduce part wear and extend system life. Additionally, Simrit’s newly identified methodology can be applied to numerous markets and dynamic applications.

For additional information or to speak with a Simrit expert about the company’s Surface Finish technology, stop by the Simrit booth (#S-13657) at the IFPE 2011 Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 22 to 26. For additional graphics, video and information visit http://www.simritna.com and select the Brochures or Media tab.

Simrit is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies, which have total annual sales of more than $7 billion. The global Freudenberg and NOK Group offers an extensive portfolio of precision-manufactured products for the aerospace, appliance, automotive, marine, medical, off-highway equipment, recreational vehicle and renewable energy markets. For more information, visit the Simrit website at www.simrit.com.

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