April 6, 2011


*** Jahid Fazal-Karim available for interviews prior to, during and
after SIBAS, Shanghai, April 13 - 15 ***

RALEIGH-DURHAM, NC, April 6 /PRNewswire/ - As Co-Owner and Board Member
of Jetcraft Corporation, an international leader in new and pre-owned
business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades, Mr. Fazal-Karim
offers an objective perspective on the business aviation market in this

Jetcraft has completed multiple sales of long range business jets to
Chinese customers and has established relationships with operators and
aircraft management firms across the region in recent years. Mr. Jahid
Fazal-Karim's knowledge of the region, extensive international
experience and independence from OEMs make him exceptionally
well-suited to offer an informed perspective on industry issues,

        --  Market outlook and opportunities in China for long range
            business jets and other models (by market segment)
        --  Factors that will most significantly impact growth in the
        --  Customer requirements of Chinese (and other Asian) business
            aircraft buyers
        --  The opportunities, challenges and constraints impacting future
            business aircraft sales,  including: taxation, airport
            infrastructure, air space restrictions and industry perception

About Jetcraft Corporation

Jetcraft Corporation is an international leader in new and pre-owned
business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades. Headquartered in
Raleigh-Durham, NC, Jetcraft has offices in six US cities and in Basel,
Switzerland. Jetcraft has authorized sales representatives in Dubai,
UAE and Moscow, Russia. The company's 49-year track record in aircraft
transactions has earned it a world class customer base and one of the
strongest global networks in the industry. Jetcraft Avionics LLC, a
subsidiary of Jetcraft Corporation, provides distribution of Enhanced
Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) for aftermarket business and wide body
aircraft using Elbit-Kollsman's state-of-the-art EVS-II and AT-HUD. For
more information, please visit www.jetcraft.com.

About Jahid Fazal-Karim

Jahid Fazal-Karim is Co-Owner and Board Member of Jetcraft Corporation.
Previously, Mr. Fazal-Karim was Bombardier Aerospace Business
Aircraft's Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales. Earlier in his
career, Jahid spent nine years with Airbus Industrie. Jahid Fazal-Karim
holds a Master's degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield
University (UK) and an Aerospace Engineering degree from the French
National College of Aeronautics (ENAC) in Toulouse.

Mr. Fazal-Karim is available for interviews in person at SIBAS, Shanghai, April 13 - 15 and for telephone interviews both
before and after SIBAS. For more information, or to schedule an
interview, please contact:

Mark Lowe

PRagmatic Communications

Tel: (514) 499-9632

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