Green Light® Launches New Chinch Bug Killer with Arena®

April 12, 2011

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Green Light® today announced the launch of Chinch Bug Killer with Arena®, a new product proven to kill pyrethroid-resistant Southern chinch bugs and deliver the long-lasting control homeowners are looking for to save their lawns.

Chinch bugs are of special concern along the Interstate 4 corridor in Florida, where chinch bugs have developed resistance to insecticides in the pyrethroid class of chemistry. As a result, homeowners have had limited options to control these damaging pests — until now.

“We are thrilled to offer home and property owners the chance to protect their lawns from the No. 1 turf pest in Florida,” said Scott Todd, national business manager for Green Light. “Chinch Bug Killer with Arena controls a number of damaging turf pests and kills chinch bugs before they do damage to your turfgrass. Dealing with chinch bugs isn’t fun, but the public now has access to an easy, ‘do-it-yourself’ solution for this challenging pest.”

Chinch Bug Killer with Arena is a long-lasting insecticide that kills chinch bugs and other listed pests in turfgrass and landscape areas. Chinch Bug Killer with Arena contains the active ingredient recognized by turf professionals as the most effective product for the management of pyrethroid-resistant chinch bugs. Chinch Bug Killer with Arena delivers season-long control of chinch bugs when applied May through September or when bugs first appear.

“Homeowners who want to protect their lawns from chinch bug damage are going to love Chinch Bug Killer with Arena,” said Rene Scoresby, Green Light product development manager. “No other product provides better, long-lasting control of pyrethroid-resistant chinch bugs and other listed pests including mole crickets and nuisance ants.”

Also this spring, Green Light will be launching the “Chinch Buggy Tour” across Central Florida to promote awareness of chinch bugs. Homeowners interested in learning more about chinch bug control can look for the “Chinch Buggy” branded vehicle at a home improvement store in their area starting in mid-April.

A staff of chinch bug experts from Green Light will be on hand at designated tour stops to answer questions about chinch bugs and Chinch Bug Killer with Arena. Tour attendees will get a chance to meet local DJs from Tampa and Orlando’s favorite radio stations, who will be at select tour stops to help spread the word about the Chinch Buggy Tour.

For more information about the Chinch Buggy Tour, including dates and locations, please visit www.greenlightco.com/chinchbuggy.

To learn more about Chinch Bug Killer with Arena, please visit www.greenlightco.com.

Green Light is a registered trademark of Green Light, A Valent U.S.A. Company. Arena is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited.

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