TEECOM Promotes Laurel Leigh Taylor to Executive Vice President

April 13, 2011

OAKLAND, Calif., April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TEECOM Design Group is proud to announce the promotion of Laurel Leigh Taylor to Executive Vice President. Laurel joined TEECOM in 2008, bringing with her a dynamic blend of industry knowledge, strategic and tactical thinking, client-centric focus, and vast personal energy and integrity. As Executive Vice President, she serves as Managing Principal in the absence of CEO and Co-Founder, David Marks.

Laurel has strategically aligned the firm with industry giants such as Microsoft and Cisco – in order to better understand the next wave of innovation and the implications of these global technology trends within the built environment. Laurel fundamentally believes that the “soft layer” within the built environment, that is, the space that serves up applications and software, is the most significant opportunity facing owners who wish to the extend the long-term viability of their real estate portfolio, while delivering an exceptional user experience, in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. Because of Laurel’s visionary aptitude, she is also recognized as a powerful and dynamic speaker.

Within the first two years of Laurel’s tireless efforts, she crafted and executed the strategy for the firm’s expansion into Dallas and Seattle, as well as the federal market, resulting in three additional thriving TEECOM offices, and significant revenue growth. Within the office, Laurel has helped to infuse a culture of excellence and innovation in all we do. She has also led the Business Development and Marketing team to focus on bringing value to the client, enabling clients to align technology with their unique business objectives.

TEECOM celebrates Laurel’s advancement and looks forward to forming the exciting future where innovative technology solutions change the lives of occupants in buildings worldwide.

As technology visionaries, TEECOM works with architects and owners to make buildings come alive through the use of technology, preparing them for the next generation of users, the people we call digital natives. We do this through technology research, strategy, engineering and project management for buildings. Our practice groups include all technology systems in buildings, such as telecommunications, security, audiovisual, monitoring and control, fire alarm, and other data network systems. For more information, visit www.teecom.com.


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