Company Unveils Unique Plan to Celebrate Earth Day

April 18, 2011

STAMFORD, Conn., April 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Some companies like to give you a free toaster when you become a customer. MXenergy has a different idea. This year, during “Earth Week,” the independent energy provider will give all new customers free carbon offsets for one year.

“Since our inception, we have had a true commitment to the environment and the issue of sustainability,” says Jeffrey Mayer, MXenergy President and CEO. “Earth Day is the perfect time to share that commitment with our new customers. Homeowners can know their energy usage for the year is carbon neutral and that they are saving money as well.”

MXenergy will purchase carbon offsets for one year for all new customers who sign up during “Earth Week” (April 18-22). New customers will receive a certificate acknowledging the carbon offset purchase made by MXenergy on their behalf.

“The issue of climate change is one that impacts every single person on this planet,” continues Mayer. “Each one of us must do all we can to protect this planet and take responsibility for our own impact on the environment. Carbon offsets are a great place to start.”

MXenergy not only provides carbon offsets to its customers but maintains its own carbon neutrality as well. This is the third straight year the leading natural gas and electricity supplier has voluntarily partnered with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company’s national operations. The carbon offsets are used to support Valley Wood, Inc, of Columbus, Georgia, a certified offset aggregator with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) that manages over 300,000 acres of sustainable forest land.

The trees purchased through the CCX-registered afforestation program naturally sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. This project was developed with the sole purpose of creating a permanent solution for sequestering greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond addressing the emissions associated with business operations, MXenergy has continued to encourage its employees and business partners to reduce consumption of resources through smart energy and transportation management.

While MXenergy will pay for carbon offsets for new customers for one year, Mayer says he hopes the gift is more far reaching.

“We make carbon offset purchases available to all our customers through our website. It is our hope customers will continue to offset their energy usage – be it through our program or elsewhere.”

MXenergy is not only one of the nation’s fastest growing energy providers but also one of the longest running. Celebrating its 12th anniversary in 2011, the independent energy provider entered the market in 1999 offering natural gas and electricity for fixed low rates to homeowners and businesses. Founded on the principles of service and sustainability, MXenergy has consistently maintained its environmental commitment, offering renewable energy, carbon offsets, and environmental educational programming.

To take advantage of this offer, homeowners can call 888-898-4323 or sign up online at www.mxenergy.com/earthday . The offer is available from April 18-April 22, 2011 and is good for new customers only.

Earth Day is April 22, 2011. More information about Earth Day 2011 can be found at www.earthday.org/earth-day-2011.

About MXenergy

MXenergy is one of the fastest growing retail natural gas and electricity suppliers in North America, serving approximately 500,000 customers in 41 utility territories in the United States and Canada. For over 11 years, the company has provided millions of customers with a choice in how they purchase energy to run their homes and businesses. Founded in 1999 to provide natural gas and electricity to consumers in deregulated energy markets, MXenergy helps residential customers and small business owners control their energy bills by providing both fixed and variable rate plans MXenergy is committed to best practices in environmental conservation, supporting local communities through various outreach programs and is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. For more information about MXenergy please visit www.mxenergy.com.

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