April 27, 2011

Cal/EPA Honors PsomasFMG for the Successful Completion of a 9.6MW Solar Installation for the Antelope Valley Union High School District

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Linda S. Adams, secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA), has honored PsomasFMG with a Certificate of Achievement in Sustainability for the successful completion of a public-private partnership project for the Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD). The $52 million, 9.6 megawatt (MW) design-build project covers 10 separate high schools and is the largest school-based solar power installation in the United States.

"This project is an innovative green solution that serves as a model for other school districts and municipalities," said Secretary Adams. "Congratulations to the Antelope Valley Unified High School District and to PsomasFMG for demonstrating that 'going green' can save money and create jobs while decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels."

The project--a public-private partnership between the AVUHSD and PsomasFMG, LLC--broke ground in August 2010, and was constructed without any cost to the district. Over the next 20 years, it is expected to save the district more than $40 million in energy costs and reduce energy dependency and greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 250,000 tons. The solar project is engineered to produce clean, green energy for more than 80 percent of the school district's electrical needs. Southern California Edison will supplement the remaining energy requirements at a reduced rate.

"It is enormously gratifying to receive recognition from the California Environmental Protection Agency for one of our first projects, which happens to be the largest school-based solar project in the United States," said Paul Mikos, executive vice president of PsomasFMG. "Moreover, our speed and agility in moving from concept to contract to power was exhilarating The success of this project shows that our model is an achievable solution for clients with long-term visions like the Antelope Valley Union High School District."

About PsomasFMG

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, PsomasFMG provides affordable solar systems to its clients by utilizing a combination of engineering know-how, private investor financing, and federal and state subsidies. The company is led by a diverse group of veteran CEOs who have managed numerous ventures through complete business lifecycles.

PsomasFMG has the ability to provide turn-key solar solutions from project conception and system design to financing, installation, operation and maintenance. One of the fastest-growing companies in the region, PsomasFMG will begin construction on an additional 15-20 Megawatts by the end of 2011.

For more information about PsomasFMG, go to http://www.psomasfmg.com or call (714) 408-2982.

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