KRIV-TV (FOX 26 Houston) Buckles Under Public Exposure

May 6, 2011

– Station Reverses Course and Agrees to Air Documentary Critical of Hugo Chavez, CITGO this Sunday, May 8 –

WASHINGTON, May 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Less than 24 hours after being publicly exposed in the media and online for refusing to air a new 30-minute documentary critical of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and CITGO, KRIV-TV (FOX 26 Houston) has reversed its position and has agreed to air the documentary which was paid for and produced by the Committee to Free Venezuela Foundation (www.stophugochavez.com).

The public will be able to watch the documentary on FOX 26 on Sunday, May 8 at 9:30 AM central time or at anytime online at www.stophugochavez.com.

Jeffrey M. Cohen, executive director of the Committee to Free Venezuela Foundation said:

“That the station management of FOX 26 would have censored a documentary critical of Venezuela’s socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, and CITGO – the Houston-based oil-conglomerate that funnels millions and millions of U.S. dollars to Chavez – was simply stunning.

“Thankfully, because of the significant negative public exposure about FOX 26′s absurd decision to censor this documentary, station management has reversed course and done what they should have in the first place.

“On behalf of everyone who believes in the ideals of freedom and democracy, I urge people to watch this new documentary, to visit www.stophugochavez.com and sign our petition urging the Obama Administration to name Chavez’s Venezuela to the state sponsor of terror list, and to call and write FOX 26 in Houston to demand that they never ever attempt to practice the black art of censorship again.”


The Committee to Free Venezuela Foundation is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to educating the American public and policymakers about the dangers posed by Venezuela’s Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez. For more information please visit www.stophugochavez.com

SOURCE Committee to Free Venezuela Foundation

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