JouleX Announces Product Expansion of Its Award-winning Enterprise Energy Management Technology

May 9, 2011

LAS VEGAS and ATLANTA, May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — INTEROP — JouleX, the leading innovator in enterprise energy management systems for data centers, distributed office environments, and facilities, today announces a new product line based on the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) technology. To address the increased market demand for energy management solutions that meet customers’ specific needs within the enterprise, the company introduced the first three offerings in the new JouleX Energy Manager family of products: JEM for PCs, JEM for Distributed Office and JEM for Data Center.

“Our decision to expand the JouleX Energy Manager product family allow us to offer very specific solutions to address the unique challenges companies have in key areas where energy consumption is at its highest, whether it’s within distributed office environments, data centers or facilities. The depth of the product line will also give companies the ability to cost-effectively expand solutions across the rest of the enterprise, when and where they need to,” said Tom Noonan, president and CEO at JouleX. “These new offerings extend the JouleX network-based, agentless technology platform to provide unprecedented visibility into energy consumption, optimize energy usage and drive energy efficiency.”

JouleX Energy Manager for PCs

JEM for PCs allows companies to baseline, monitor, analyze and control the energy consumed by all personal computing devices across the enterprise, including Windows and Linux PCs and laptops, Macintosh, and thin clients, as well as monitors.

JouleX Energy Manager for Distributed Office

JEM for Distributed Office contains all the functionality of JEM for PCs, and also extends the unique agentless technology to other devices and systems including support for printers, copiers, servers, access points, network switches and VoIP phones.

JouleX Energy Manager for Data Centers

JEM for Data Centers measures dynamic energy consumption and utilization of any device attached to the network and extends JEM technology to data center environments, supporting devices such as physical and virtual servers, routers, switches, storage, power distribution units (PDUs) and other devices and systems. The unique functionality and benefits of this product will be announced at the Interop conference and exhibition being held in Las Vegas May 8-12.

JouleX Energy Manager Universal Features

Although each product is engineered to address very specific energy-management challenges within the enterprise, each shares the following universal features and benefits which are the foundation of the JEM technology platform:

  • Measure utilization and energy usage by device without installing software agents on each device.
    • Remotely baseline, monitor, analyze, and measure energy usage of devices across the enterprise without installing software agents on every device, from a central location.
    • Receive quick “time to benefit” with installation and device auto-discovery taking only hours rather than days or months.
    • Reduce the complexity of traditional agent-based energy management solutions. No agents to install on supported devices puts an end to disruptive quality assurance (QA) cycles whenever patches need to be applied or new operating system changes are made.
    • Lower the risk of impacting business operations by not having to install agents on every device.
  • Power manage devices through policy-based energy optimization that does not require expensive software or device agents or hardware meters to purchase, deploy and maintain or involve changes to network or security configurations.
    • Automate policies to actively power-down idle or unproductive devices.
    • Provide opt-in/opt-out policies for end users.
    • Use JouleX Mobile(TM) to power on/off equipment using smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Enable sustainable procurement by utilizing actual power consumption, energy cost and environmental impact in total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations during the procurement process of IT equipment.
    • Use device-to-device and system-to-system comparisons to understand operating expense impact of procuring best-in-class energy-efficient IT infrastructure.
    • Identify real power consumption savings potential based on actual energy demand, not just manufacturers’ faceplate information (which is often overstated).
  • Produce powerful, centralized enterprise sustainability reporting.
    • Understand energy consumption, utilization, costs, savings, and carbon emissions by device, location, cost center, division and by time of day.
    • Support regulations with carbon accounting requirements and energy usage reporting.

These products are available now. Pricing is on a per-device basis. Current customers will not be affected, but will benefit from the products’ new features and enhancements.

About JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) Technology

The JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) technology reduces energy costs by monitoring, analyzing and controlling energy usage of all network-connected devices and systems – no client-side agents, or hardware meters required. JEM supports energy management and corporate sustainability initiatives by performing four primary functions:

Discovery and Measurement

JEM remotely measures energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions for all network-connected devices and systems across the enterprise network, data center and facilities.

Analyze and Simulate

JEM pinpoints energy reduction opportunities by analyzing energy data (consumption, costs, carbon, savings, etc.) by any grouping (date, time, location, device, application, cost center, business unit, etc.) JEM also enables users to simulate energy saving scenarios.

Policy and Control

JEM enables users to create policies to automatically control energy consumption using JEM’s time-based, location-based and robust event-based policies. JEM’s execution proxies use existing network and systems management infrastructure to automatically control energy usage of devices and systems.

Reporting and Decision Support

JEM provides interactive, drill-down reporting capability. Use JEM to view energy usage, cost, carbon and potential or real-time savings by location, cost center, business unit, device, system or group. JEM also enables cost and usage comparisons over time for specific devices, locations, etc.

About JouleX

JouleX is the leading innovator in sustainable energy management systems for the enterprise. Its portfolio of products, based on the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) technology, provides the Global 2000 and government agencies with the ability to monitor, analyze and control energy usage for all network connected devices and systems across the enterprise, including in distributed offices, data centers and facilities. Importantly, JEM works without the use of software agents, dramatically reducing installation time and removing the maintenance burden associated with similar technologies. JEM decreases energy costs by up to 60 percent while ensuring availability and provides robust reporting that enables compliance with emerging carbon monitoring requirements.

JouleX was founded in 2009 and is privately held with capital investments from Target Partners and TechOperators. The company is headquartered in Atlanta with European offices located in Paris, Munich and Kassel, Germany. For more information, please visit www.joulex.net, call (404) 567-4445 or send an email to info@joulex.net.

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