Redmond Mom Out of Gate Cleanly with New Service to Sterilize Garbage Cans

May 13, 2011

REDMOND, Wash., May 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For years, Emily Wiewiorka – a Redmond mom with four young children – has been disgusted by the sight and smell of her garbage cans and yard waste bins. But that’s rapidly changing, thanks to a new curbside service that she launched earlier this month and a high-tech truck she calls the “big green cleaning machine.”

The new startup, called Steam and Clean, provides the most-environmentally-safe-and-effective way for homeowners to clean and sterilize the exteriors of their homes including garbage cans and windows. At the core of the service is a high-tech truck that pulls up curbside to deliver a water-only steam cleaning that, when completed, suctions back all water used and recycles it to a degree cleaner than drinking water for another use.

“Garbage cans are the single-most unhygienic part of any home — a thousand times dirtier than the toilet,” said Wiewiorka, president and founder of Steam and Clean. “As a mother, I’ve grown increasingly wary and concerned about the germs and bacteria that grow in these areas and have always hoped to find a service like this one. When one never emerged, I created it myself.”

How It Works

During the first week of May, the first Steam and Clean truck began servicing initial customers in the Bellevue-Redmond area. Later this year, the service will expand into Puget Sound area from Everett to Tacoma and Redmond to Seattle. Each service will be timed to immediately follow normal trash pickup so that cans may be conveniently cleaned at the curb. The cost for this every-week service is $3 per can, per week.

Additionally, homeowners can opt to have the outsides of their windows cleaned monthly at a cost of $60 with no limit on the number of panes. The process involves no chemicals and leaves each window spotless. The company also offers cleaning of sidewalks, walkways and even the exterior of homes to improve curb appeal.

How it Helps Environment

Unlike most power-washing services that violate the Clean Water Act, Steam and Clean uses no chemicals and guarantees that all of the water it uses during its cleaning process will be suctioned back into the company’s trucks so it can be recycled and re-used. Leveraging proprietary technology, Steam and Clean can suction dirty water left after each service call and then quickly clean it to a quality that’s purer than most drinking water.

“The environmentally-safe process we follow is very important as municipalities are set to come down hard on residents and businesses that ignore or violate Clean Water Act laws,” said Wiewiorka. “For a long time, homeowners have rented power washers and, unknowingly, broken Clean Water laws as much of the water used picks-up oil and other pollutants that ultimately go down drains and into our water systems. The fines for these types of violations moving forward are likely to be steep and swift.”

Putting America’s Veterans Back to Work

In response to Michelle Obama’s vision for an America that takes care of its military veterans, Steam and Clean is giving priority and preference to veterans when hiring staff to sell its services and man its trucks. Additionally, the company is committed to using American-made only parts in the design and assembly of its trucks.

Steam and Clean is a privately-held startup based in Redmond, Wash. and is funded entirely by its founder Emily Wiewiorka and a small group of private investors residing in the Puget Sound. More information on the company and its services can be viewed online at www.steamandclean.com

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