Cypherpath and Technolytics Institute Partner to Launch a Highly Valuable Leadership Awareness Series to Reduce the Risk on the U.S. National Critical Infrastructure

May 17, 2011

STERLING, Va., May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Cypherpath LLC announces a strategic partnership with Technolytics Institute (Technolytics) by providing solutions that enable organizations to gain a competitive understanding on the covert worldwide view of Cyber-crime, Cyber espionage, Cyber terrorism, and Cyber warfare threats.

The structure of the relationship strengthens Cypherpath to deliver strategic information and tactical resources to its clients regarding Enterprise Security and Risk Management (ESRM). Cypherpath is focused on providing highly relevant information and critical thinking updates, including solutions that anticipate, prevent, mitigate, and combat cyber security threats.

The partnership offers Institutions, Intelligence, Federal, State and Local, and Commercial organizations a rock solid view on security threats and vulnerabilities that face executives in various business industries around the world. “Technolytics’ offerings are a first-class addition to Cypherpath’s product lineup,” as Art Payne, Senior Vice-President of Cypherpath states, “and this partnership completes a set of solutions that will help organizations better prepare for a future cyber tsunami that we are about to face.” This relationship leverages the strengths of both organizations and the value far exceed the sum of the two organizational parts.

Cypherpath LLC is a group of thought leaders and IT security experts who enable organizations to create cyber aware and ready individuals through precise and targeted learning aids, and provides training and education that transfers knowledge, skills and abilities. www.cypherpath.com

The Technolytics Institute (Technolytics) was established in 2000 as an independent executive think tank. Their primary purpose is to undertake original research and develop substantive points of view on strategic issues facing executives in businesses and industry around the world. Their strategic goal is to focus on improving business performance, creating sustainable competitive advantage, delivering innovation and technology, and managing security and risk. www.technolytics.com

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