John Howard, Former Prime Minister of Australia, Speaks at Unveiling of World’s Most Technologically Advanced Eco-Green City in Langfang, China

May 19, 2011

LANGFANG, China, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard stated earlier today that he was extremely pleased to be a part of the China APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting and commented on the unveiling of the master plan for a new technologically advanced city to be built in Langfang, China. Mr. Howard’s remarks were made as part of his keynote address to the China APEC Development Council Conference.

SunWorth Development Group, a joint venture between Bestsun (Baichuan) Energy Group and Southworth International unveiled the master plan of the 30 square kilometer, technologically advanced eco/green city that is located just south of Beijing’s 7th Ring Road near Langfang, China.

SunWorth received approval from the Chinese government for the unprecedented city development, including a world-class theme park and luxury goods exhibition center. The exhibition center is designed as the world’s largest, having over 1.3 million square meters and will accommodate up to 1 million visitors per day when it is fully functional. The government has invested billions of dollars toward regional infrastructure in Hebei province in recent years. The region, referred to as the Beijing-Tianjin Growth Corridor is part of an aggressive government agenda to accommodate the anticipated population transition of nearly 300 million people from poverty to middle class over the next 20 years.

Mr. Howard stated, “I am very pleased that Langfang is taking a leadership position in developing smart city technology. This is an outstanding opportunity to build a new city from the ground-up with wired and eco-green technology that will pave the way for cities of the future around the world.”

Strategically located just outside Beijing, the new city is approximately four miles from the site of the new Capital Airport currently being built to accommodate the growing air traffic in Beijing. When completed in 2016, the new airport will be the largest international airport in the world with eight active runways, bringing travelers within two hours flying time to most major regional markets such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. An existing high-speed train crosses the eastern boundary of the city as it runs from Beijing to Tianjin. A complete transportation hub including subway, train, bus and airport shuttles will connect Wei Lai with Beijing and Tianjin, providing easy commuter access.

About SunWorth

SunWorth Development Group is a joint venture of Bestsun Energy Group, a privately held natural gas transmission company located in Langfang, China, and Southworth International, a global investment company with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and China.


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