‘iMAC 2011′, the Biggest Expo in Components & Materials Industry in Korea, to Open!

May 25, 2011

ILSAN, South Korea, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ‘International Materials & Components Industry Show 2011′ (iMAC 2011, www.imac21.co.kr), an expo to look through all kinds of components and materials like machinery, automobiles, electrical & electronics, and metals is opening today. ‘iMAC 2011′, co-organized by BCF, KINTEX and Kyongyon Exhibition, is happening in KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea from May 25th(Wed) to the 28th(Sat).

iMAC 2011, celebrating 6th anniversary this year, prospects supplies of related products of components & materials are inevitable from the view of supplying materials & components in Japan and expected raise of oil prices. This year, more than 200 large and small-and-medium companies from home and abroad are participating in purpose of achieving the biggest surplus in materials & components industry in an international crisis.

‘Enterprises Materials & Components Order Consultation’ on the first day proceeds one-to-one buying consultations via pre-matching with 300 small-and-medium businesses, after 50 major companies and public offices register desired components or materials online.

‘Materials & Components Export Consultation’, held on the second day, 26th, participates 80 influential foreign buyers from Europe, India, China, Japan, Russia, and more, and proceeds export consultations with IMAC exhibitors.

On the 27th, professional consultations on technology like ‘Materials & Components Policy & Technical Seminar’, organized by Korea Testing & Research Institute, a credible institute of materials & components in chemistry materials certificated by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, is available.

KINTEX official said, “iMAC 2011 is an expo in purpose of nurturing materials and components industry. We’ll provide opportunities for Korean companies to procure international competitiveness with different formats of consultations.”

For further information, please visit the website (www.imac21.co.kr) or contact to KINTEX Exhibition team (+82-31-810-8144).

Go to ‘iMAC 2011′ Special News Page : tshow.aving.net/imac’

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