Ultra Electronics, TCS Launches UltraMove(TM)

June 1, 2011

New system enhances modern armed forces and emergency response
communication by delivering on-the-move voice, data and video services

OTTAWA, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – CANSEC 2011 - Ultra Electronics, TCS today announced the launch of UltraMove, a
revolutionary system solution that delivers on-the-move IP services,
including voice, data and video, in a portable transit case. Designed
to be deployed virtually anywhere, the system is particularly useful at
the outskirts of military networks, or in disaster areas by providing
wireless access with 400 mbps shared aggregate bandwidth to support
multiple simultaneous users and applications. UltraMove provides dual
benefit by offering Wi-Fi and WiMAX hotspots for units in the field,
while maintaining the ability to tie back into the core network through
an integrated High-Capacity Line-of-Site (HCLOS) wireless
point-to-point radio.

Handheld devices and portable computers are already playing a major role
in modern tactical communications networks due to their decreasing
cost, small footprint, and overall usefulness to receive and upload
mission-critical data. Providing military and disaster relief personnel
with robust wireless access to serve these devices in remote areas
remains a challenge. UltraMove solves this issue by offering a highly
flexible, integrated, and ruggedized platform that delivers wireless
hotspot capabilities for both mobile end-user devices and standard IT

Joseph Hickey, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at
Ultra Electronics, TCS commented:
“UltraMove provides the best balance of capability, footprint,
portability and cost for the number of different kinds of missions it
can support. The system will ultimately enhance soldier and first
responder effectiveness by improving their communication within
challenging operational environments.”

UltraMove includes several components and capabilities:

        --  An enhanced high-capacity line-of-sight (EHCLOS) point-to-point
            wireless radio with up to 400 mbps aggregate throughput
        --  A WiMAX 802.16e wireless base station providing wireless
            On-The-Move (OTM) Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) voice, data and
            video services
        --  Wi-Fi 802.11 mesh capability to support mobile end-user devices
        --  NSA Suite B security support for applications such as FTP, VoIP
            and video
        --  Core networking functions to support application and media
            servers, distributed Authentication, Authorization and
            Accounting (AAA)
        --  Gateway capability to interface non-IP devices, such as
            hand-held radios, into the IP network
        --  A ruggedized transit case

UltraMove has been designed with modularity in mind, allowing users to
interchange components in order to fit a particular mission’s
requirements, and to future-proof the technology. The UltraMove product
will be on display at the CANSEC tradeshow June 1-2, 2011, at booth

About Ultra Electronics, TCS
TCS, part of the Ultra Electronics group, is the global leader in
tactical communication systems, including high-capacity radio
communications and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. TCS supplies
dependable, reliable and powerful communications equipment for tactical
military and defence system applications. The company’s products are
tailored to meet or exceed military requirements in order to ensure
that reliable, effective and robust communications can be deployed in
the most rugged of environments. TCS is proud to work with leading
system integrators to provide the best communications systems and
services to be integrated within any military architecture and fielded
as part of any deployment scenario in the world.

SOURCE Ultra Electronics

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