Fuelshark(TM) Promises to Deliver Fuel Cost Savings for Car and Truck Drivers

June 1, 2011

LAS VEGAS, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Fuelshark(TM), a compact, easy to use fuel saving device that guarantees to take a bite out of your fuel bills by increasing MPG up to 10% or more is now available to long-suffering motorists.

Independent tests by various TV news stations such as WTAE, ABC Pittsburgh (http://www.wtae.com/r/27678199/detail.html) have shown that the Fuelshark(TM), from Direct Brands LLC, can significantly reduce fuel consumption in gas and diesel engines – providing drivers with a direct route to more economical and fuel efficient driving. In addition, after testing by the dealership, the Fuelshark is being sold by certain brand name car dealerships in the U.S.

Just plug the Fuelshark(TM) into the cigarette lighter or power port of any vehicle, regardless of age or engine type (not recommended for hybrid vehicles) and the Fuelshark(TM) will pay for itself in reduced fuel bills within a few weeks.

How does Fuelshark(TM) work? The efficient operation of any motor vehicle’s electrical system has a direct impact on overall performance and fuel consumption. The Fuelshark(TM) continuously monitors and optimizes a car’s electrical systems to increase MPG. The Fuelshark(TM) has shown measurable results in both older and newer cars. As an added bonus, the Fuelshark(TM) is portable. It can be used on one car and then plugged into another car.

With skyrocketing gas prices, the Fuelshark(TM) is being used by thousands of satisfied customers; however, the people at Fuelshark(TM) remind us that “No matter what the price of gas is, saving money and lowering oil imports is great for consumers and our country”.

In addition to favorable reviews on news stations around the U.S., Fuelshark(TM) is gearing up to launch a direct to consumer advertising campaign.

The Fuelshark(TM) is only $29.95 plus shipping and is available for purchase direct from the Fuelshark(TM) website at www.fuelshark.com .

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