PureCircle Announces New Breakthrough Natural Flavor Modifier

June 2, 2011

CHICAGO, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world’s leading producer and marketer of high purity stevia products, announces the launch of a new natural flavor modifier under the trade name NSF-02. The technology for the new product is patented and proprietary to PureCircle Limited.

NSF-02 is designed specifically to work well in combination with PureCircle’s high purity stevia sweeteners, Reb A and SG-95, and sugar or high fructose corn syrup, enhancing flavor, sweetness and taste of food and beverages. The combination of sugar or HFCS with NSF-02 and PureCircle’s high purity stevia sweeteners delivers a range of better tasting, low cost, natural product formulations, with reduced calories. As a result, the company expects positive impacts on sales of Reb A and SG95, while generating revenue from NSF-02 on its own.

PureCircle received clearance from regulators in the United States and a number of other countries and has now begun to market this new technology globally. With food and beverage manufacturers increasingly seeking natural flavor and sweetness enhancer solutions, the new technology fills a clear need in the marketplace. NSF-02 is the first of many new natural flavor systems in the PureCircle pipeline as part of the new PureCircle Flavors(TM) product line.

Commenting on the launch, Magomet Malsagov, Chief Executive Officer of PureCircle Limited, said, “PureCircle continues to demonstrate that we are first and foremost an innovation company, with a proven track record of successfully discovering, manufacturing, and marketing new technologies, such as Reb A and SG95. NSF-02 is the first natural flavor that is break-through in its ability to help stevia, across various applications, to naturally reduce calories in the food and beverage industry.”

About PureCircle

PureCircle (www.purecircle.com) is the global leader in the production of high purity stevia products. PureCircle is leading the industry with the development of a strong sustainable natural supply chain. Stevia is now being grown for PureCircle in more than 15 countries across South America, Africa, Asia, and the United States; it provides a sustainable cash crop for rural farming communities in each region. As part of its leadership of the stevia industry, PureCircle has pioneered the industry trust mark Stevia PureCircle that educates consumers about the benefits of stevia and provides a strong base of trust for both consumers and Food & Beverage companies alike. PureCircle’s global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PureCircle shares are traded on the LSE AIM index.

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