Military Veterans Press Event: Gov. Christie’s Energy Plan a Failure if it Excludes RGGI

June 6, 2011

TRENTON, N.J., June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Military veterans of Operation Free will co-host a roundtable in the State Capitol Building to discuss the critical connection between clean energy and our economic and national security. In anticipation of Gov. Christie’s release of his Energy Action Plan sometime next week, military veterans already are ready to call the plan a “failure” if he reneges the state’s commitment to RGGI, the region’s clean efficient energy program.

               Lieutenant General (ret.) Norman Seip served as commander
               of a base with 33,000 personnel and more than 400 fighter
               aircraft. Seip, a fighter pilot, flew the F-15E in
               support of operations Southern Watch, Northern Watch and
    WHO:   --  Iraqi Freedom.
               Former U.S. Army Captain Michael Breen is Vice President of
               the Truman National Security Project. Michael served with
               an infantry company in Iraq, led a platoon of paratroopers
               in Afghanistan, and conducted training and advisory
           --  missions in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

    WHEN:     2PM Eastern time

    WHERE:    State Capitol Building, Room 109

The Department of Defense, the CIA, and the State Department all publicly recognize the threat of climate change, and have adopted ambitious policies to pursue clean energy initiatives, in stark contrast to the reckless abandonment of clean energy by Governor Christie.

Learn more at www.OperationFree.net. Operation Free is an advocacy campaign of the Truman National Security Project.

Benjamin Lowe, (607) 280-5693

SOURCE Operation Free

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