iScoopy Pal(TM), a Paperboard Dog Poop Bag, is Launched for Owners That do not Want to See, Smell, or Touch Poop

June 14, 2011

PARKER, Colo., June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – The Wall Street Journal recently reported that there are 78.2 million dogs in the US producing 10.9 million tons of waste annually. By some estimates, only about half of the waste is cleaned up. iScoopy Pal(TM) offers Scoop Smart Solutions.

iScoopy Pal(TM) is a paperboard dog poop bag designed to alleviate the unpleasantries of picking up after dogs and to promote a green ecosystem. Cleaning up dog waste can be a chore because of the little advancements made to improve the products that are currently available. While dog poop bags have evolved from homemade to commercially available, these products often lack the basic functionality. Functional and stylish, iScoopy Pal(TM) offers Scoop Smart Solutions.

  • Sight Picking up poop is visually unpleasant. iScoopy Pal(TM) acts as a sight barrier during the cleanup process by covering the poop. Dog owners do not feel or see the poop during the scooping process.
  • Zero Touch Plastic bags lack the thickness needed to eliminate the feel of warm and soggy dog poop. Manufactured with a disposable paperboard, iScoopy Pal(TM) has a thickness twenty times greater than plastic. It is light, flexible, and ergonomically designed yet sturdy enough to scoop.
  • Zero Mess iScoopy Pal(TM) is designed to isolate the hand promoting a natural scooping motion with a patented pre-formed “U” shape design. iScoopy Pal’s(TM) ease of use enables efficiency resulting in Zero Mess.
  • Stylish iScoopy Pal(TM) has fashion sense. Complete with a unique modern form, iScoopy Pal(TM) offers a portfolio of designs that are playful, chic, eclectic, and spunky. Dogs and their owners can flaunt their personalities with the iScoopy Pal(TM) Simplicity and Panache Collections.
  • Transportation iScoopy Pal(TM) comes pre-folded for ease of carry and utilizes intuitive twin locking mechanisms to securely stow away waste. iScoopy Clip attaches iScoopy Pal(TM) to all leash types. iScoopy Clip’s quick release efficiently detaches iScoopy Pal(TM) for easy disposal. Use of iScoopy Clip together permits hands free walks.
  • Eco Friendly Plastic bags are costly to the environment. They do not biodegrade and are reduced into small fragments. iScoopy Pal (TM) is made with disposable paper in compliance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® making it an excellent alternative to petroleum based materials. When properly disposed off, iScoopy Pal(TM) will decompose in a reasonable time. iScoopy Pal(TM) is manufactured using wind energy power.

“iScoopy Pal(TM) is the most difficult packaging design that we handle in terms of meeting all the design requirements” as noted by Laurie Kraft, Sales Manager for All Packaging Company in Colorado, attesting to the high design and functional standards required for iScoopy Pal(TM). Superior in design, function, and performance, iScoopy Pal(TM) enhances dog ownership with Scoop Smart. Function. Style. Zero Touch. Zero Mess.

iScoopy Pal(TM) is made by the dogs in the heartland of America for all the dogs of the world.




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