Transportation Spill Emergencies Subject of Free New White Paper

June 14, 2011

HUDSON, Mass., June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A transportation accident or emergency release requiring environmental cleanup requires fast action to contain the spill generator’s costs and limit potential liability. Shippers and transporters who are not adequately prepared to handle spill emergencies quickly and comply with all reporting requirements can end up with major expenses for cleanup and disposal services, liability issues and steep penalties for failing to file incident reports on time.

A new white paper from Spill Center, a leader in spill support and environmental claims management, provides a comprehensive look at the regulatory maze surrounding environmental spills and ways that carriers can prepare to handle such events. The paper, Spill Preparedness in Transportation: Containing Costs and Limiting Liability After Environmental Releases, is available for download at no charge.

Written by Tom Moses, president of Spill Center, the paper discusses contingency planning for spills, driver training with respect to spill containment, environmental liability of the spill generator, incident reporting requirements and advice on staying out of trouble with the authorities. Also included are real-life examples of expensive snafus that could have been avoided with proper spill preparedness.

Moses, a former U.S. EPA toxicologist who received his law degree in 1986, founded Spill Center over 20 years ago to help companies at risk from accidental spills of hazmat, diesel fuel and other unregulated materials. A recognized authority on environmental spills and regulatory issues, he holds a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response from Georgia Institute of Technology and has served as secretary of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Security Committee and as a Panel Chair for the National Academies’ Transportation Research Board.

To download the paper, visit the company’s website at www.spillcenter.com and click on the More Info tab to find it under White Papers, or use the direct link below. The website offers information on Spill Center’s 24/7 services to clients, which include assisting with custom spill contingency planning, regulatory reporting, cleanup contractor referrals, cleanup coordination, invoice auditing and documentation of incidents to limit third-party liability claims.

Spill Center clients can access their accounts and customer contingency plans via a secure area of the website. Non-clients can also request support services at the site. Moses can be reached for more information at 978-568-1922 x222 or by email: tmoses@spillcenter.com.

A direct link to download the white paper is at: http://www.spillcenter.com/WhitePaperDownLoad/SpillPreparednessForm.html.

SOURCE Spill Center

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