To Soil Less(TM) Introduces Gardening 2.0: Soilless Gravel Gardens

June 15, 2011

LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of Earth Day 2011, To Soil Less(TM), a family business in Washington, DC, shares it’s all natural, state of the art, technology where gravel is the new soil. The company has engineered a new technological gardening approach that merges characteristics of marine geology with agriculture, reducing the need for soil and fertilizers in the gardening process. To Soil Less(TM) has discovered a way to grow various types of fruits and vegetables from rock or more specifically gravel.

The benefits of having a soilless gravel garden are vast but include: reducing water requirements, reducing weed development, eliminating the need for soil and fertilizers, and lowering the cost of gardening. Plus, unlike soil, a To Soil Less(TM) garden lasts for years. To Soil Less(TM) shares its new sustainable gardening method which is ideal for any urban, suburban and rural gardener. During the summer of 2011, gardeners should carve out a soilless gravel area within their garden space to determine how well a soilless garden performs against their traditional soil based garden. Watch the difference and judge for yourself.

In June 2011, To Soil Less(TM) finally releases the technology by allowing people to download the “To Soil Less(TM) Residential: How To Manual.” At www.tosoilless.com, gardeners can learn how to adapt soilless gravel gardening methods in their homes and community gardens. Gardeners can now end the need for annual purchase of soil, fertilizers, and weeding products and enjoy a beautiful natural gardening environment.

To Soil Less(TM) founder Richard Campbell hypothesized this approach in 1994 when watermelons grew from a decorative gravel bed at a family home in Tennessee. Since then, the family experimented with the gravel gardening concept, successfully growing bumper crops of vegetables year after year. As soil issues continue to challenge food production, To Soil Less shares this technology in hopes of assisting in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture.

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More About To Soil Less(TM):

To Soil Less(TM) – A private family company based in Washington, DC was created in 2011 for the sole purpose of sharing the gravel gardening method and technology with the agriculture and gardening industries. www.tosoilless.com

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