KISSS Offers Solutions for Florida Water Restrictions

June 15, 2011

LONGMONT, Colo., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Water restrictions in West Palm Beach, Fla., have pushed several communities into a severe crisis situation and KISSS(TM) America, manufacturer and distributor of sub-surface, sustainable irrigation systems, offers a viable and cost saving solution with up to 50 percent water savings. Implications of reduced watering cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for repairs or replacement and could impose health and public safety concerns.

“Conventional irrigation that sprays water in the air to water lawns and landscapes is no longer a viable option given the water crisis Florida faces today,” Dave Hunter, President and CEO of KISSS America, said. “Standard drip irrigation saves water however it performs poorly when used subsurface in lawn and turf where distribution is uneven. One of the hardest things for residents to watch will be water flow onto sidewalks or down streets. Now is not the time to be wasteful. KISSS has the solution to the drastic position that Florida faces.”

The Kapillary Irrigation Sub-Surface System, or KISSS(TM), pulses water through subsurface lateral irrigation lines to a geo-textile fabric using capillary action dispersing the water into the soil just below the roots. The geo-textile fabric maintains moisture uniformity along its length allowing soil to absorb water as needed at a slower and more effective rate and mitigating water loss typically found with above ground systems including evaporation, overspray, and runoff.

KISSS versus traditional drip systems:

  • Tunneling or uneven water distribution is eliminated allowing water to be distributed evenly throughout the soil creating the healthiest plant environment possible.
  • Dramatically reduces root intrusion, a common problem when traditional drip is deployed subsurface, by using a dispersion layer on top of the tubing directing water flow through an infinite number of emitters rather than a single emitter every 18 inches. Healthy roots grow evenly rather than targeting water sources.
  • Uses recycled water further reducing the burden on scarce potable water resources.
  • Reduces maintenance costs with no exposed hardware to be damaged.

KISSS has been integrated with government buildings, private business campuses, custom projects, and residences providing reduced expenses and decreased water usage.

For more information on KISSS America, visit online www.kisssusa.com or email savewater@kisssusa.com.

The KISSS system utilizes capillary action to deliver water directly to the root zone in turf, gardens, and trees. As a result, the system uses significantly less water than sprinklers and conventional drip irrigation, yet uniformly wets more soil volume. In addition to using less water, the system makes it possible to add chemicals to the root zone only, eliminating run off and pollution. The KISSS system was used in the creation of state-of-the-art living roofs at the Target Center in Minneapolis and the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Clinton facility is the first presidential library to earn an award from the U.S. Green Committee for environmental design.


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