June 23, 2011

Advanced energy research facility in Edmonton, Alberta, will lead to
more sustainable products

MONTREAL, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Enerkem Inc., a leading
waste-to-biofuels and chemicals company, participated today in the
opening of the Advanced Energy Research Facility located in Edmonton,
Alberta. Enerkem provides the core technology for this world-class
research center, which is the result of a partnership with the
Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton. Funding for the
City-owned facility comes from Alberta Innovates – Energy and
Environment Solutions.

The state-of-the-art Advanced Energy Research Facility is adjacent to
Enerkem’s commercial waste-to-biofuels production facility in Edmonton,
which will operate under the name Enerkem Alberta Biofuels and is
currently under construction. The research facility will focus on the
conversion of various waste into biochemicals and will expand Enerkem’s
proprietary technology platform to include additional useful products,
such as polymers and higher alcohols.

“By producing fuels and chemicals from waste, Enerkem’s green chemistry
contributes to making our everyday products more sustainable and to
transition into a bio-economy,” said Vincent Chornet, president and
chief executive officer of Enerkem. “We are proud to take part in this
state-of-the-art Advanced Energy Research Facility with our
long-standing partners, the City of Edmonton and Alberta Innovates, as
it is an important component in furthering our company’s dedication to
innovation and the development of additional biochemicals.”

Enerkem’s synthesis gas and chemical intermediates technology platform
creates value from carbon-based waste materials. Since the company
started scaling-up its technology in 2003, it has achieved 6,000 hours
of testing and validation at its pilot and commercial demonstration
plants and has produced biochemicals and biofuels. It includes the
recent start of commercial alcohol production at its demonstration
facility in Westbury, Quebec.

About Enerkem
Enerkem is pioneering a new line of chemicals and fuels made from
garbage instead of oil or other fossil fuels. Enerkem’s cost-effective
conversion technology transforms waste – such as unrecyclable household
garbage, demolition debris and used utility poles – into chemical-grade
syngas, which is used to create advanced ethanol, bioacetates and other
intermediate chemicals that form our everyday products. The company
currently operates two facilities in Quebec and in 2010, began
construction of a municipal waste-to-biofuels plant in Alberta. In
2011, Enerkem expects to break ground on a similar facility in
Mississippi for which it is receiving financial support from the USDA
and U.S. DOE. www.enerkem.com


Source: newswire

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