Dorf Ketal Now Exclusive Source for Vertec(TM) IA-10 Ink Adhesion Promoter

June 27, 2011

STAFFORD, Texas, June 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Vertec(TM) IA-10 ink adhesion promoter is now available exclusively from Dorf Ketal, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic titanate and zirconate catalysts and crosslinkers. Vertec IA-10 is the leading brand of organic titanate catalysts for inks used in packaging made with nitrocellulose, polyamide and polyolefin films for food and consumer products.

According to John McChesney, General Manager of Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts, Vertec IA-10 also is recommended on NC-coated cellophane, OPP film, shellac-washed aluminium, pearlized polypropylene and polyethylene-coated milk cartons. “Many ink producers prefer acetylacetone-free Vertec IA-10 or Tyzor(TM) IAM,” says McChesney, “because they enhance ink adhesion and resistance to solvents and greases while improving heat stability, without affecting ink color or gloss.”

“We acquired the Vertec trade name and intellectual property because we believe that we know titanate chemistry better than anyone else in the industry, and because we have the manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand world-wide,” said McChesney.

Dorf Ketal acquired DuPont’s Tyzor organic titanates in 2009, and the firm recently announced the acquisition of the Johnson Matthey intellectual property pertaining to PET catalysts, ink adhesion promoters, urethane catalysis and crosslinking. Dorf Ketal announced the start-up of their new organometallic catalyst plant in Mundra, India, in April of this year.

For more information about any Vertec or Tyzor product, including Vertec IA-10 or Tyzor IAM, please e-mail tyzor@dorfketalusa.com or call +1-281-491-3700. Additional information is available also on the company’s web site at www.dorfketal.com/Tyzor.html.

Dorf Ketal, the global leader in organic titanates and zirconates, is a leading manufacturer of process chemicals and additives for refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide. In addition to crosslinkers for inks and coatings, the firm’s product line includes fuel and lubricant additives, catalysts, curing agents and surface modifiers used by manufacturers of electronics, glass, metals and nanocomposites. Dorf Ketal’s procedures and processes are certified to ISO-9001, 14001, and 18001 standards. Vertec and Tyzor are trademarks of Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts, LLC.

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