June 30, 2011

TAT Technologies Announced it Signed a Settlement Agreement With First Aviation Services, Inc.

GEDERA, Israel, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

TAT Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TATT), a leading provider of services and
products to the commercial and military aerospace and ground defense
industries, today announced it signed a Settlement Agreement with First
Aviation Services Inc. ("FAvS").

On December 4, 2009, TAT's indirect subsidiary, Piedmont Aviation
Component Services, LLC ("Piedmont"), acquired 5,766,667 Class B Common
shares of FAvS, representing 37% of FAvS's then share capital and on a
diluted basis and $750,000 of FAvS Preferred Shares (entitling Piedmont to
cash dividends at an annual rate of 12% payable quarterly or at the
discretion of FAvS to PIK dividends payable in additional Preferred Shares
at an annual rate of 15%). In consideration for such shares, Piedmont
transferred to FAvS its propeller and parts businesses and guaranteed for a
period of up to two years up to $7 million of the bank debt incurred by FAvS
to fund the transaction described in the next paragraph. FAvS is a provider
of products and services for the global aviation industry and provides
supply chain management services and maintenance and repair services for
various wheels, brakes and starter/generators.

As part of the transaction described above, FAvS also acquired all the
assets and liabilities of Kelly Aerospace Turbine Rotables ("KATR") for a
cash consideration of $7 million (guaranteed by Piedmont). KATR specializes
in renovation and repair of landing gear, safety equipment and hydraulic and
electrical components for corporate, regional and military aircraft.

On October 1, 2010, Piedmont agreed to secure the guarantee mentioned
above for $6.6 million, by providing a letter of credit to the lender for
FAvS. Such guaranty was for a period of 15 months ending December 31, 2011
and its amount was to be reduced as such debt amortized in increments of
$0.1 million per month. Piedmont was also granted a second lien on the
assets of FAvS to secure the repayment obligations of FAvS in the event that
the letter of credit was drawn upon. Piedmont also entered into an
intercreditor agreement with the lender to FAvS which subordinated
Piedmont's claims if the letter of credit is drawn upon to the obligations
of FAvS to the lender.

A commercial dispute has existed between Piedmont and FAvS relating to
the propeller maintenance business which had been contributed to FAvS by
Piedmont as part of the transaction discussed above. The commercial dispute
began in April 2010 when a customer of the propeller maintenance business
requested reimbursement from FAvS for damages to certain propellers. FAvS
then sought reimbursement from Piedmont for such amounts. Although Piedmont
rejected all of FAvS' claims with regards to Piedmont's responsibility for
the claimed damages, the parties reached an agreement pursuant to which
Piedmont loaned $700,000 to FAvS and agreed to bear a portion of the
additional cost of the replacement of propeller blades that FAvS would be
responsible for. In exchange FAvS agreed to waive all claims against
Piedmont with respect to such customer. Such loan was subsequently forgiven
as part of this settlement agreement.

Notwithstanding such waiver, in the last quarter of 2010, FAvS again
asserted claims against Piedmont relating to the propeller maintenance
business, including claims not previously asserted. In order to finally
settle all disputes between them, on June 29, 2011 Piedmont and FAvS entered
into a Settlement Agreement and Release (the "Settlement Agreement").
Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, each party fully released the other
party and acknowledged that the settlement was a compromise of disputed
claims and was not to be construed as an admission of liability or
wrongdoing. In addition, each party agreed not to disparage the other and
Piedmont paid an aggregate of $700,000 to FAvS.

Simultaneously with the execution of the Settlement Agreement, Mr. Aaron
Hollander, the Chief Executive Officer and controlling stockholder of FAvS,
purchased 3,322,259 shares of Class A Common Stock of FavS at a price of
$.903 per share (for an aggregate price of $3 million). In addition,
Piedmont agreed to extend its guarantee of the bank debt incurred by FavS to
fund the KATR transaction through June 30, 2013 and to continue to provide a
letter of credit to secure such guarantee. The amortization schedule for
such debt was revised so that no amortization will occur until June 30,
2012. Thereafter the debt will amortize at the rate of $200,000 per month.

The Stockholders Agreement entered into in 2009 between Piedmont and Mr.
Hollander was also amended to delete the reciprocal drag along rights and to
provide that Piedmont may designate one member to the Board of Directors of
FAvS (rather than the two provided in the original agreement). Finally, the
Rights Agreement entered into in 2009 between Piedmont and FAvS was amended
so that Piedmont's right to approve certain material corporate actions by
FAvS has been limited to the right to approve contracts or agreements with
affiliates of FAvS. The amendment also provides that the approval of
Piedmont will not be required if FAvS seeks to raise additional capital from
Mr. Hollander so long as the consideration being paid by Mr. Hollander is
not less than the consideration that would be paid by a third-party in an
arms-length transaction and is fair, equitable and reasonable under the

About TAT Technologies LTD

TAT Technologies LTD is a leading provider of services and products to
the commercial and military aerospace and ground defense industries.

TAT operates under four segments: (i) Original Equipment Manufacturing
or "OEM" of Heat Management Solutions (ii) OEM of Electric Motion Systems
(iii) Heat Transfer Services and Products and (iv) Maintenance, Repair and
Overhaul or "MRO" services of Aviation Components.

TAT's activities in the area of OEM of Heat Management Solutions
primarily include the design, development, manufacture and sale of (i) a
broad range of heat transfer components (such as heat exchangers,
pre-coolers and oil/fuel hydraulic coolers) used in mechanical and
electronic systems on-board commercial, military and business aircraft; (ii)
environmental control and cooling systems on board aircraft and for ground
applications; and (iii) a variety of other electronic and mechanical
aircraft accessories and systems such as pumps, valves, power systems and

TAT's activities in the area of OEM of Electric Motion Systems primarily
include the design, development, manufacture and sale of a broad range of
electrical motor applications for airborne and ground systems.

TAT's activities in the area of Heat Transfer Services and Products
include the maintenance, repair and overhaul of heat transfer equipment and
in a lesser extent, the manufacturing of certain heat transfer products.
TAT's Limco subsidiary operates FAA certified repair station, which provides
heat transfer MRO services and products for airlines, air cargo carriers,
maintenance service centers and the military.

TAT's activities in the area of MRO services for Aviation Components
include the maintenance, repair and overhaul of APUs, Landing Gear and other
aircraft components. TAT's Piedmont subsidiary operates an FAA certified
repair station, which provides aircraft component MRO services for airlines,
air cargo carriers, maintenance service centers and the military.

TAT also holds approximately 37% of the equity of First Aviation
Services, a world-wide distributor of products and services to the aerospace
industry and a one-stop-shop for MRO services (wheels, breaks, propellers
and landing gear) for the General Aviation Industry.

TAT's executive offices are located in the Re'em Industrial Park, Neta
Boulevard, Bnei Ayish, Gedera 70750, Israel, and TAT's telephone number is

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