MXenergy Alerts Consumers to Be Aware of Massive Energy Drains From Unexpected Source

June 30, 2011

STAMFORD, Conn., June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — America’s energy consumption is a 24/7 addiction. Be it the lights in our home, charging our iPods, or running our computers, people are continuously using energy even when not actually using the technology. Awareness of “phantom energy drains” is growing. However, recent information shows there is an enormous energy hog in many homes sucking energy and raising costs completely undetected.

“The Natural Resources Defense Council just released a startling study,” says Marjorie Kass, MXenergy Managing Director. “The biggest energy drain in most homes is no longer the refrigerator but rather your cable box and DVR. Worst of all, most of the consumption comes when the box is not even in use.”

According to the study recently released by the NRDC, due to outdated designs today’s cable and satellite set-top boxes consume a staggering $2 billion per year when they are turned off. In fact, over two-thirds of energy usage from these boxes comes from when the boxes are not in use.

“This is one of the critical differences between cable boxes and other phantom drains,” says Kass. “As opposed to only draining a small amount of energy when not in use, these devices actually consume the majority of their energy when consumers are NOT using them. This is energy we don’t have to spare these days. Many people aren’t even aware of this energy hog in their home. As an energy provider we want to do all we can to help educate our customers so hopefully together we can demand a change.”

The NRDC’s findings show the only way to actually turn these devices off is to unplug them, an unattractive option to many homeowners who use the devices to record programs for later viewing. More than 160 million boxes (or one for every two Americans) are installed in U.S. homes. The amount of energy consumed by the devices when not in use is the equivalent to the energy produced by 6 power plants.

While the majority of boxes being used by providers are outdated, there are energy efficient options out there. The NRDC recommends consumers contact their pay-TV service provider and request a set-top box that meets ENERGY STAR Version 4.0 standards.

MXenergy agrees. “Change only comes about when we as a people, or a consumer base, demand it,” says Kass. “What is increasingly clear is that we live in a world where no amount of energy waste should be acceptable. At MXenergy we are constantly striving to achieve greater sustainability and part of that mission means educating our customers and encouraging them to take action in their own lives.”

More information on the NRDC study can be found at www.nrdc.org/living/energy/co2-smackdown-step-11-defang-energy-vampires.asp

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MXenergy is one of the fastest growing retail natural gas and electricity suppliers in North America, serving approximately 500,000 customers in 41 utility territories in the United States and Canada. For over 11 years, the company has provided millions of customers with a choice in how they purchase energy to run their homes and businesses. Founded in 1999 to provide natural gas and electricity to consumers in deregulated energy markets, MXenergy helps residential customers and small business owners control their energy bills by providing both fixed and variable rate plans MXenergy is committed to best practices in environmental conservation, supporting local communities through various outreach programs and is a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. For more information about MXenergy please visit www.mxenergy.com.

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