Ecologico-Logic Launches Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Waste Reduction System Known as ‘The Muncher’®

July 5, 2011

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ecologico-Logic, Inc., a Nevada-based green technology company, has unveiled a prototype of a state-of-the-art waste reduction system – known as “The Muncher”®- that is far faster, greener and more cost-effective than any waste management technology currently in use. Its primary purpose is to reduce the weight and volume of all organic and many types of inorganic waste. The Muncher® achieves its high-volume throughput by combining superior mechanical efficiency with powerful, naturally occurring, aerobic (oxygen-breathing) microorganisms in a patent-protected process that greatly accelerates waste digestion while doing no damage to the environment.

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The Muncher® offers several distinct advantages over existing waste disposal systems:

  • FASTER – It turns organic solid waste into nutrient-rich plant food in less than one hour; traditional composting can take 45 days to one year
  • GREENER – It produces no toxic gases, hazardous compounds or foul odors; will not pollute landfills or aquifers
  • MORE EFFICIENT – It reduces the actual volume of solid waste by 75 to 80 percent; one ton of garbage is downsized to approximately 600 pounds of solid cake mulch and liquid effluent; provides higher recycling rates than more conventional waste reduction methods
  • MORE COST-EFFECTIVE – It extends useful life of dwindling landfills by seamlessly integrating into daily transfer station and landfill operations; saves money on tipping and transportation fees, shrinks carbon footprints
  • MORE PROFITABLE – It goes beyond just lowering costs by transforming the solid waste disposal process into a revenue-generating composting business

“We think this new technology is a game-changer,” says Mohammed Memon, Ecologico-Logic‘s chief operations officers and co-founder. “It has the potential to completely transform the 50-billion-dollar-a-year waste management industry and really help clean things up. We’re in active talks with a number of cities and privately owned waste management companies, here and internationally.”

Ecologico-Logic‘s leadership consists of seven individuals with strong backgrounds in business, manufacturing, mechanical engineering and environmental science.

For media inquiries, contact Scott Busby at 310.475.2914 or scottb@thebusbygroup.com. To learn more about The Muncher® and upcoming demonstrations, go to www.ecologicologicinc.com or call 775.990.4568.

Media Contact:
Scott Busby
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The Busby Group

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