July 6, 2011

ITW Gema Introduces OptiFlex2 Manual Powder Coating System

INDIANAPOLIS, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ITW Gema, the global leader in high-performance powder coating technology, announced the introduction of the OptiFlex2, the industry's most advanced manual powder spray system.

ITW Gema's new OptiFlex2 stands apart from other manual powder coating systems. Its ability to spray virtually any powder with outstanding effectiveness. Its precision current and voltage controls ensure maximum transfer efficiency and coating uniformity.

"Even inexperienced users can spray exotic powders with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and uniformity and do it all in the most challenging environments, temperatures and humidities," Jeff Hale, director, standard products sales & marketing for ITW Gema, said. "Put simply, the OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system works with any powder, on any part, in any place."

Any Powder

OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system has a high-performance, integrated, cascade power supply, with 100,000 volts of first-pass power, which efficiently charges all types of powders. For challenging powders, users can call on the OptiFlex2's Precision Charge Control (PCC). The system's new PowerClean feature cleans the entire powder path from the pump to the gun tip using powerful blasts of air.

Any Part

The OptiFlex2 manual powder spray system takes all types of difficult shapes in stride, applying the powder precisely where needed. An improved powder coating gun nozzle works in concert with the high-performance powder pump, delivering powder with first-pass transfer efficiency.

Any Place

Whether operating in heat or cold, in dry or humid conditions, the OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system delivers the performance required to operate in any temperature. Even under punishing conditions, the system's industry-leading cascade power supply is robust. Users get flawless performance for years.

"The new OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system is so smart, it makes spraying any powder, on any part, in any environment, simple," Hale said.

High-resolution images of the OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system can be found here:


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About ITW Gema

ITW Gema continues to be a pioneer in the powder coating industry and a global manufacturer of superior quality powder coating equipment. A business unit of Illinois Tool Works Corporation, ITW Gema operates its North American Headquarters from Indianapolis.

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